How i broke my toe

how i broke my toe

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Apr 01,  · Broke in the D-League: Why my NBA dress code inspiration was Warriors' Ike Diogu, not Kelly Oubre SFGATE columnist Rod Benson on what it was like curating an outfit on $ a week - . Watch full episodes and clips of Popular Primetime, Daytime, Late Night and Classic shows on Talk with other fans, catch up with your favorite shows and more.

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Jan 02,  · "I was pretty sure I had broken my little toe by hitting it against the leg of some furniture. This was because I had previously broken my other little toe and the new injury felt quite a bit like the earlier broken toe. This article helped me to confirm that I had quite probably broken my toe. Nov 05,  · To tell if a fall broke bones without an x-ray, look for physical signs that a bone is broken, like severe bruising and swelling or a deformity or unnatural bend in the area. However, even if you can't see outward signs, you might still have a broken bone, especially if you're unable to put weight or pressure on the area without experiencing. Dec 05,  · Absolutely No Priblems) A few months ago my second toe started hurting A lot. I thought U broke it. But there’s wasnt any accident or injury I knew of. I couldn’t wear shoes at all, only slippers/ moccasins. (Not the best choice for winter.) My toe started to buckle at the second joint and has remained that way.

Black style in the early s was all about going bigger and louder. I wore 5XL tall tees and Girbaud jeans with the straps.

They had to match the hat and they had to match the shoes. Red, blue, black? It didn't matter as long as it all came together head to toe. I also rocked the Sean John velour suits, which had enough fabric to safely land a base jump. I was 6-foot-9, probably weighed pounds, but no one said a thing.

The announcement was met with enormous, justified backlash from the players and the Black community at large. In America, dress codes have always been racist and sexist at their core. These made-up guidelines were designed to get more specific and restrictive whenever Black people found ways to work with what was considered within the rules — a situation Black folks have dealt with since the beginning of our time in America.

NBA players immediately recognized their new dress code as more of the same. At the very least, these guys had the means to afford new, expensive suits that fit the bill. I remember watching a Warriors game and seeing Ike Diogu on the bench wearing a very large but compliant basic black polo. The stars were starting to dress like the famous people they were, and everyone else was just trying to figure out what to wear.

I soon realized that the code was more so about the outfit itself, rather than the sizing of the outfit. Then I ran into another dress code issue: the city of Austin. At that time, Austin, Texas, was on the come-up. I was happy to be drafted to the Austin Toros. The only places I could go were the clubs and bars that had mostly Black patrons.

The city was very segregated, and I was caught on the side with limited options. There was a J. They could make their jokes about me, but truthfully, all of us in the D-League were trying to look professional, and few of us had the necessary resources. It was incredibly unfair, looking back. Ultimately, we made it work and I eventually got into all the bars. People even forgot about the shoes once I started to play well. The part that never got old was that we all only had one or two game-time fits and more than 50 games to play, so we wore the exact same thing every day.

Over the next two years, brands besides Foot Locker started offering tall sizing. My wardrobe grew and the sizes shrunk because, well, I could find stuff that actually fit me for the first time. Winter I was dressed like a sailboat and spring I looked like an ad for Banana Republic.

I fully realized the change that was happening in a meeting after practice at training camp with the Indiana Pacers. In the D-League, everyone hated mandatory meetings that didn't have anything to do with basketball, and in the NBA it appeared to be no different. In fact, we can make dress code-compliant clothing that represents you much more than just a gray suit. I imagine that conversation, led by stylists and other fashion-forward folks, was happening in NBA locker rooms across the country.

It accelerated from there. Guys were getting crazy interlinings on their suits. All of a sudden came a pair of ripped jeans with a blazer and a Van Halen T-shirt.

From that deduction, new brands formed. Streetwear took on an entirely new meaning. I started my own clothing line around then and went to the Agenda trade show in New York where I witnessed the birth of joggers.

I couldn't believe it. Publish was making pants that were technically khakis but felt like sweatpants and looked dress code compliant. The transition was so fast my head was spinning trying to keep up. Once the generation that was in junior high and high school when the dress code was implemented made its way into the NBA, it was a wrap.

Coupled with the burgeoning social media landscape that the NBA was embracing, younger players like Russell Westbrook never felt oppressed by the dress code. It was an opportunity to dress up and be totally unique. I firmly believe a brand like Off-White and its luxury roots could not have blossomed without the NBA dress code.

There was no way to stop the players' wild choices by that point without looking fully racist. Mostly, the dress code proved again that when faced with policies that don't align with our values, Black people ALWAYS overcome and innovate.

We showed younger players the blueprint. We not only redefined what the code meant, but we also built a foundation for future generations to harness their individuality.

And of course, there was one other unintentional benefit to the NBA dress code. Now you can wear Vans and a T-shirt at almost every place on the strip. So 15 years later, I can still criticize David Stern for his dress code intentions while celebrating what came of it.

Maybe dress codes will mostly cease to exist someday. I, for one, am all for that. Rod Benson, right, shortly before the D-League Draft. More Rod Benson. Top shopping picks. Noom vs. Weight Watchers: What are the differences?


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