How to catch striped bass from boat

how to catch striped bass from boat

How to Catch Striped Bass From Shore

Dec 21,  · A fast action rod will bend in the top third, closest to the tip. A medium or moderate action will bend down to the middle. A slow, or parabolic rod, will bend almost down to the butt. Lure weight or rating is, very simply, how heavy a lure you can . Apr 13,  · Trolling a striper rig behind a boat or kayak is one of the best ways to catch large quantities and quality bass. Trolling for striped bass allows a boater or kayaker to catch multiple fish at once while covering a large area in a short amount of time.

Looking to catch your first striper from the boat? Or, want to catch stripers more consistently? After perusing this post, you should know exactly what you need to go out and catch stripers.

I get the frustration. I had a boat and fished for 3 years before I even caught a single striped bass. And you know what I learned? To catch stripers consistently, you need:.

Simple enough? This piece will focus on casting to stripers using a spinning outfit. It will be the first in a series directed how to test windings on a motor getting some gear info out to you folks who want to catch your first or your millionth striper. Expect these to come in the first weeks of the new year:. I can be bought. If you are at all serious about this fishing thing, you should absolutely not cheap out on a reel.

Screw that guy. Do it. Getting a locked up reel or sticky drag when you get into your first big blitz. Ask me how I know how much this sucks. Trust me. Pay up for a decent reel. Smooth drag and seems to hold up well to the elements. They improve with the VI. The Cabo feels like a top of the line reel for a mid-tier price. And they just look damn sexy. Spinning rods get a little more complicated when fishing from the boat. You will absolutely be using different rods when fishing different lures or styles.

A weightless Hogy will need a different rod than a 4oz Doc. There are three very important factors to look at when buying a rod: Length, action, and lure weight. Rod action refers to how a rod bends when under load. A fast action rod will bend in the top third, closest to the tip. A medium or moderate action will bend down what is the cheapest 2013 car to buy the middle.

A slow, or parabolic rod, will bend almost down to the butt. Lure weight or rating is, very simply, how heavy a lure you can throw. Our heavier rods will be able to throw around 3 or 4 oz. This will be our range. For me, lighter is better. A lighter rod will give you sensitivity to feel the bites and will cast your lighter lures better. Gives and takes, my friends. Very how to treat salmonella in infants tip for giving a soft plastic the little wiggle it needs.

Sensitive tip but a heavier power rod. My go-to heavier plugging and swimmer rod. Excellent lifting power, with a very sensitive tip. You can get these in lighter power too, and the 1. My pick for throwing my heavy offerings. Ah yes, the fun stuff. This is where all of the money is spent. Striper lures can be classified and broken down and parsed out into millions of different groups and subgroups. The action you get on a Guppy is amazing.

Perfect for throwing to blitzing stripers by the Canal, or calling up feeding fish from the deep. Mimics a wounded pogy, herring, mackerel, and even squid. This plug is my go-to and consistently outfishes all of my other plugs. You absolutely need a Guppy if you want to catch a bass. Find them here. A great smallish spook plug that gets finicky fish eating. I like to crawl this thing along the surface, moving it the slowest it can while still achieving the walk the dog action.

For the bigger sizes, lose the extra treble. Listen, you need an SP Minnow in your box. It is the ultimate fish catcher. Cast it, troll it, rip it through the water, reel it slow and steady, this thing just produces. Bone is my favorite. Sebile Magic Swimmer Great plug to fish just below the surface of the water. The knockoffs of the classic Sebile plug work just as well. Twitches and sweeps with the. Love this soft bait. Always had the most luck in bubblegum or white, fished very slowly over shallow sandy bottoms, or through a fast moving rip.

Effectively mimics squid and other baitfish. Not much to say about this one. Cast it out, retrieve, catch a fish. Only issue is when the fish are tuned in on peanut bunker, this one gets swallowed and guthooked because it looks and acts so similar. Crush the barb to how to boot repair disk in windows 7 removal easier. Bill Hurley Sand Eel. The king of jig-head softbaits. Crushes the competition. Cast and retrieve or vertical jig when the fish are deep on sand eels.

An absolute blast and a killer lure in most situations, especially when the bass are on sand eels. I prefer to fish the smaller jig heads, less than 1. Similar looking lure to the Hurley, but totally different action. The fish seem to like a more erratic retrieve with this one. I prefer the Al Gags in the heavier sizes, 2oz and up.

You can find them here. Back in the old days, a spool of Stren 50 Mono would be all you need. Braid is king, and for good reason. Extremely low stretch, low diamenter, and sensitivity really make mono useless when looking at inshore striper fishing. For braid, I almost exclusively use PowerPro. But there are two other types that work just as well:. Always use a leader when fishing braid. And that plastic Plano box is a little outdated too. Success is all about being prepared. And part of this is staying organized.

This can mean the difference between catching fish and not. Sifting through a dirty white bucket trying to find that jig head will waste precious time and probably give you tetanus. Make sure to get a decent one, like this one, the Plano Guide Series Bag. I how to install bluestacks on pc all of my plano tray by either lure type plugs, swimmers, jigsor species.

Just pull out your plano tray and get going. There you have it. Everything you or a loved one needs to go out and catch a striper. Got other recommendations or questions? Let me know. Excellent intro blog Bill!

I like the approach of keeping it simple as we will naturally make things more complicated as we get better at catching our striped friends.

Here’s What You Need

Jul 18,  · Anglers use a different type of fishing tactics to catch this striped Bass. The fishing equipment used for this is cable wire, curly tail trailers, mono, spreader rig, minnow plugs, twister tail, bucktail jigs, baitfish, and so on. Late evening and early morning are one of the favorabletime to catch stripers. The striped bass fishing experience. Apr 24,  · Another one of the best rigs for striped bass is a 1- to 4-ounce torpedo-shaped drift sinker with a 3- to 4-foot leader to a hook and eel. The eel is dropped back 50 or more feet behind the drifting boat so that it approaches the rip at a low angle and tracks up and over the shoals at eye level to striped bass waiting in ambush. Mar 20,  · Most anglers who are successful at fly fishing for striped bass choose relatively large streamers or Deceivers, which mimic anchovies, bunker, and similar baitfish. These are usually cast and then stripped back at a relatively quick pace, to generate a reaction strike from the fish.

Striped Bass is an aquatic creature and part of Moronidae family; they can also be called rockfish, stripers or linesiders. Stripers have caused a lot of attraction among tourist, fishermen and those who are interested in aquatic creatures; everyone wants to catch them striped Bass, regardless of where they are fishing.

Bottom fishing is quite different from bass fishing; Linesiders are aggressive feeders, especially when lots of bait is around. Stripers are unique compared to other fishes; they breed in freshwater and move to the saltwater where they spend the adult part of their lives. They have an excellent sporting quality; this makes them unique. Striped Bass are powerful and fast. They can be often caught with large plugs, jigs, gizzard shads, live baitfish, deep trolls, cut bait, and so on.

Stripers will give chase when artificial baitfish is spotted. They enjoy clear water. Fishing striped bass in the clear waters is an advantage; it allows you to catch them easily. They are predatory, which often eat smaller fishes. Stripers also feast on crustaceans, insects, and foods beneath the lakes. The temperate Bass move in groups; this makes it easier for anglers to catch many stripers when they use the right strategies.

According to research, early morning is the best time to catch striper, or during the evening, you can be lucky during the wake hours. You are hunting for Striped Bass in Lake Ouachita, used rubber balloons, gizzard shad, live baitfish, deep trolls, etc. According to research, striped Bass hide in deep waters along the rocks, valleys, and deep areas of the lake.

Striped Bass will swim close to the shore when boats and the sun are at bay. Stripers prefer to stay in cool water, unlike other Bass. Anglers use a different type of fishing tactics to catch this striped Bass. The fishing equipment used for this is cable wire, curly tail trailers, mono, spreader rig, minnow plugs, twister tail, bucktail jigs, baitfish, and so on.

Catching these striped Bass can be both challenging and fun. There are different ways of catching this fantastic animal, either by casting, trolling and even bottom fishing. In some areas, stripers do not reproduce and are quite scarce, so in this situation, it requires the right strategies, extensive game management and stocking for you to catch them. The perfect months to catch this fishes are late March and May.

This is because striped Bass will be preparing to spawn, so they begin to feed aggressively. Bait — Using the right type of bait is very important to catch this striper, though the same bait used for regular fishing can also be used to catch a striper.

Tackle — Knowing the tackling required for striped bass fishing is essential. Fishermen catch this hard fighting fish with different tackle and methods. When it comes to catching striped Bass, you might find yourself hooked by this incredible experience. No other way to describe the excitement when you hook into this aquatic monsters, and you discover that you are for a fight.

It is advisable to start with artificial bait until you experienced enough to know the behavior of the bass fish. Both beginners and professionals use Spinner bait. The first thing to know is how to read the map through the fish finder. This way, you would know the exact location the Bass is and the depth. You should also consider the weather condition when you watch to catch Striped Bass. You have to identify the practical place where stripers are usually active during cold, early spring and late fall periods.

The hollowness and the depth of where you are about to fish also serve as a key factor to know the right location. Even just at staring at these beautiful creatures, it is a wonderful feeling. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. Like this: Like Loading Related Posts. Let me know what you think below Cancel reply. Go to mobile version. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.


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