How to connect your home theater system to your tv

how to connect your home theater system to your tv

How to connect a home theater to a TV: 5 steps

If your TV and your audio device both support Audio Return Channel, you want to insert a high speed HDMI cable into the first HDMI port on the back of your LG TV. And the other end into an ARC HDMI port on your sound unit. If your components do not support ARC, then count on optical audio cable to transmit great sound from your TV. Digital Optical Connection If you donít have the mm or RCA analog connections, use the Digital Optical Connection method to connect your TV to the home theaterís receiver. ē First, connect the digital audio and optical output (out) from your TV to the digital optical and audio (in) on the receiver. Then, turn on the receiver.

Although there are several ways to achieve this depending on the type of equipment you have, most TVs are connected to home theaters using one of the following two methods.

This should be the final step in the process. Then, turn on the receiver. Tf you see a feature button on your remote that allows you to switch between different inputs, press this before moving to the next step.

Selecting this should resolve the problem. If you find the process of connecting your TV to your home theater system confusing, contact the professional technicians at Geeks on Site to help.

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For a standard setup, you will connect your TV with the home theater system by using the HDMI port on both devices. These ports will be located at the back of the TV and the back of the controller of the home theater. After you connected the two devices, locate the input button on the remote control of your TV, and sync the right port. Jul 26, †∑ How To Connect Your Home Theater Systems to a TV or LED || Best Way Without Any Material || || If any problem in connecting then you tell your problem i.

Where you use to send audio and video from a component like a Blu-ray player into the TV, you now need to send the audio from streaming movies and videos out of the TV to your home theater system for a truly impressive sound experience. You have 2 easy options. If your components do not support ARC, then count on optical audio cable to transmit great sound from your TV.

In this case you connect the cable to your TV's optical digital audio out port which might be protected by a small spring-loaded door or a removable plastic plug.

Optical audio sends the sound signal as a series of light pulses so do your best to not bend the cable or it won't work properly. Whichever connecting method you select you'll need to update your TV sound setting.

From settings navigate to sound, and over to the Sound Out bar. Press Enter, scroll down to External Speaker, and press Enter.

With this step you're also turning off your TV's internal speaker since you won't be using it. Whether you're employing ARC or optical audio cable, you want to make sure that your receiver or home theater system is switched to the correct audio input in order to receive your TV's audio signal. Check the manual for specific details. And remember volume will now be adjusted by the remote for the external device or by a knob if there is one.

Next, look for an available digital optical input on the back of your sound device. Select Close, and you're done. You now have an audio setup that's as impressive as your new TV.


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