How to delete purchased books on ibooks

how to delete purchased books on ibooks

Complete Guide | How to Delete Books from iBooks on iPhone/iPad and Mac

Oct 22,  · How to delete books from purchased history? Step 1: Launch iBook on Mac. Enter your Apple account information. The windows user will not find this option because Step 2: Click on Purchased under the Quick link tab. You will see all your 5/5. Sep 24,  · Select the book you want to delete. you tap on Delete, you have options – Delete and Delete This Copy. If you tap Delete, your books are removed from your phone but they will still be visible in Purchased section. If you tap Delete this copy.

Yesterday, I saw that my brother has downloaded an "hentai" on my Mac shame on me, I didn't lock it! I deleted it, but it stays on my purchased books, and I don't want it! Is it possible to totally remove a book from my account's iboooks history?

A library of books is sitting in your pocket with iBooks available. This app, pre-installed by Apple, enables you to read your favorite books wherever you are or whenever you are convenient. Here you can find ways to hide purchased books in iBooks app, and also provide solutions on how to permanently delete books from ibooks on iPad.

Feel free to decide which way to head up. However, you can only delete free books from iBooks by this way. This is what are some good game websites Apple's policy will not allow you to pyrchased purchase history, and you can redownload purchased books at any time with a simple click to the cloud icon. The only way to make they deleet from your sight is to hide books with iCould badge.

Tap "All Books" right above My Books page. Slide "Hide iCloud Books" and the bookshelf will be empty.

This is the best you can do on the devices so far. If you want to totally clear up purchased books in iBooks, you should try a professional iOS management tool called iOS Data Manager to get iBooks files off your devices.

Here we will show you how to get unwanted iBooks deleted using this software. Firstly, please download and install this software to a PC or Mac computer. It works with different Windows and Mac systems. Find "Manage" tab on the home page. Select all or the books you want to remove.

That is all. You'll find it is quite easy to remove a book from iBooks. Except for the function to delete iBooks files, UltFone iOS Data Manager also offers a great convenience for you to import and export all the books freely within a few seconds. If you have synced your iPhone or iPad with iCloud, one thing you need paying attention to is that you cannot delete purchased books from iTunes.

Downloaded books may appear on iTunes store even you have removed them from iOS devices. The only purchazed is to hide iBooks purchase history. Find "Quick Links" on the middle right. Click "Purchased" and select "Books" and you will see the iCloud books. Click the little X on upper left when moving your mouse to a purchased book. You will be prompted to confirm whether to hide the book. Choose "Hide" then settled. There are many situations you want to delete books from iBooks permanently.

Regular support you find on forum may not help, you will find iBooks won't let you delete books because those are individual cases. Try it now and find more surprise! Boojs "Select" in the top right corner and choose a book you no longer need.

Tab the red icon "Delete" when you have made the choice. An option will pop up as below: And then the selected copy will be removed from your device. Free Download Free Download. Buy Now Buy Now.

How to delete books from iBooks on iPhone/iPad

Sep 12,  · Step 1: Open your iPad or iPhone. Search for the iBooks app and click it. Step 2: Open up the app and tap on the three-dots button near the book you want to delete. From the Pop-up window choose “Remove”. Step 3: The delete button pops-up when you click the book you want to get rid of. 7 Answers. Open iBooks. Click iBooks Store in top-left corner. Click Purchased. Click the x in the top-left corner of the book you want to hide And to unhide. Oct 07,  · Select the book you wish to hide by moving the pointer over it. An X will appear to the upper left of the book, click on it and you will see a pop up that asks if you are sure that you want to hide the purchase. Click on hide and the book will be removed from the purchased list.

As iOS system is more and more popular among young people, many eBook lovers choose to purchase and read eBooks on iBooks.

How convenient it is! It allows you to use every fragmented time to read and study! How to keep fit for your increasing iBook library will be a challenge. Even the super fan of Apple will not only purchase the eBooks from iBooks store. So you may have many books are copied from somewhere else. Step 2: Tap My Books at the bottom left corner of your iBooks. You will see all your books under the All Books tab. Step 3: Tab Select at the top right corner, then click the book you want to delete from the iBook.

Now tap Delete at the top left corner, it will pop a Delete in red color, just tap it, your selected books will be deleted. For the collections you added, you are allowed to delete them if you want. Step 1: Press the collections drop-download list at the central top, you will seem all collections at your iBooks, besides the default collection, you will also see the collection you added.

Step2: Press Edit right next to Collections, you will see collections you are allowed to edit with a red icon before them. Step 3: Tap the red icon, the Delete button will pop up at the right side. If you select delete the collection only, the book will still in your iBooks at the Books collections. If you select Delete Collection and Content , your books will be deleted from iBooks.

The non-purchased books are deleted from iBooks completely. You will not see the cover or title at your iBooks. If you try to delete the purchased books in iBooks, you can also follow the above method, but when you press on Delete, it will only allow you to Remove Download like the following picture. You will still see this book is still in your iBooks with a Cloud icon at the top right corner with a download arrow. Some people will feel uncomfortable when the iBooks has been deleted but still displayed in iBooks.

Here is another alternative way to solve your problem—hiding them. Step 2: Enable this function Hide iCloud Books and all books in cloud will be disappeared from your iBook bookshelf. As we known that the book purchased through iBook store will stay in your purchase history for as long as they are available to download. Even if we have deleted the purchased books from iBooks bookshelf, the purchase history will still be there. This is really annoying some time. I will show you how to hide the purchase history.

Step 1: Launch iBook on Mac. Enter your Apple account information. The windows user will not find this option because the iTunes has forbidden the iBooks functions in it. Step 2: Click on Purchased under the Quick link tab.

You will see all your purchased books. When you move your mouse to one book, you can see a little X at the top right corner of the book. Click on Hide button, the book will disappear from your purchase history. Although deleting books from iBooks is not easy, but we still can achieve our goal with some useful tools.

I have find a very easy to use tool-- Tenorshare iCareFone which enables you delete the books from iBooks completely. Now it is available for both Windows and Mac. The biggest drawback for this software is it is not free.

The trial version only allow your manage 20 files in maximum. Download link for Windows. Download link for Mac. Run the Tenorshare iCareFone. Click on File manager at the home page, then click on iBooks , you will see all books stored in your iBooks, not matter downloaded books, copied books, or even books in cloud. It will pop up a new window ask if you want to delete this book, just click on Yes. The book will be deleted completely from iBooks, no matter at local or in cloud. These are some mothods I want to share with you guys about deleting books from iBooks.

If you have any better resolution, you are welcome to share them in the comments. Jonny Greenwood joined Epubor since , loves everything about eBooks and eReaders. He seeks the methods to read eBooks more freely and wants to share all he has got with you.

Now exit iBooks app and launch it again on the iPad. It will no longer show the purchased books you have deleted but are still available to download. I'm not showing this option on my iPhone 6.

Is there another way to permanently erase free book samples? It will no longer show the purchased books you have deleted but are still available to download I'm not showing this option on my iPhone 6. You can "hide" purchases by logging into your iTunes account, and "hiding" purchases, but then they still show on your iPad with the Cloud symbol.

But you don't have to hide all purchases. Just swipe the title to the left, and you can delete it so it doesn't show with your other purchases. This is excellent content! I am highly impressed by your format and presentation of your views. I agree with you on most of your information. Apple now has Rhapsody as an app, which is a great start, but it is currently hampered by the inability to store locally on your iPod, and has a dismal 64kbps bit rate.

If this changes, then it will somewhat negate this advantage for the Zune, but the 10 songs per month will still be a big plus in Zune Pass' favor. Subscribe Submit. Internet Email. UBB Editor.


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