How to do weird faces on facebook chat

how to do weird faces on facebook chat

How to Make Rage or Funny Faces on Facebook Chat / Messaging

Jan 13,  · These faces can be funny as well as strange to someone seeing it for the first time. The rage faces just didn’t pop out of nowhere, it has a simple logic behind it which will be explained later. Below is a list of the codes to display these faces either on facebook chat or messgaing. How To Make Rage Faces on Facebook Chat Simply type the above code that corresponds to the appropriate rage face into Facebook chat, and the image of the rage face you chose will appear.

Video chats with your friends and family in Messenger just got a whole lot more fun. Check out the awesome new features—like animated reactions, filters, masks and effects, and the ability to take screenshots—available for one-on-one and group video chats.

You can now share your emotions with a reaction, add a filter to feel like your best self, make someone laugh with a bear mask, and even take pictures of your time together.

Choose one of the five Messenger emoji icons to amplify your emotions and express love, laughter, surprise, sadness or anger. These reactions will animate onto the screen and then disappear, so you can express yourself in the moment.

To keep the fun alive, most reactions have what type of job suits my personality versions depending on whether your oh is on or off the screen. Choose from a variety of filters, ranging from subtle lighting tweaks to bold color changes—like black and white, red, or yellow. Red not your color? Some masks have hidden effects, like reacting to your facial movements. Hint: try opening your mouth while using the rabbit mask… We have also added animated effects, like falling hearts and twinkling stars, to give your video chats expressive flair.

Check out what happens when you wave your arm in front of the camera hoa using one of those effects! Unlike reactions, masks and effects stay on the screen for weirs duration of the video chat or until you take them off or switch to another one. Messenger video chat now has a new feature to easily capture and share your memories.

From there, decide if you want to post it to your Messenger Day or other social wekrd accounts. So, throw on a love reaction, black and white filter, or flower crown mask and snap a pic with your friends and family. To help personalize content, tailor and measure ads, and provide a safer experience, we what is a ethernet card used for cookies. By clicking or navigating the site, you agree to allow our collection of information on and off Facebook through cookies.

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Jun 26,  · For example, if you want to react to what your friends are saying (with more than just your face?), you can tap an animated emoji icon. This can surround your face with hovering hearts, . Mar 28,  · Make all the faces in Facebook Chat. In this video from ThunderBoom we learn all of the faces used in Facebook chat or any IM program. We learn:) is a smile: (is sad, +o (is sick, ;) is wink:D is excited:O is shocked: ' (is crying, B) is glasses, 8| is glasses/cool, >: (is really mad, >:O s laughing but some say yelling:/ is thinking, O.o is weird: * is kiss, 3:) is devil, O:) is angel is heart, ^_^ is very happy, - _ - is tired/sleeping: v is Pacman: 3 is Author: Wonderhowto. Jun 26,  · To keep the fun alive, most reactions have different versions depending on whether your face is on or off the screen. Tap the love reaction (like when you’re in a group video chat with your three best friends and someone shares amazing news) when the camera is facing you and tap it again when the camera is facing outward to see the difference.

Pocket-lint - Facebook Messenger has a built-in camera, and it's a lot like Snapchat. You've heard the story by now: a few years ago Facebook tried to buy Snapchat, but the app rebuffed the offer, and ever since then, the social network has tried launching copy-cat apps and adding Snapchat-like features to some of its products, including Instagram. And now, Facebook Messenger is the latest product to rip-off Snapchat, as it has begun offering "3D masks and special effects".

Here's everything you need to know. It is Facebook's insanely popular, standalone chat app. Facebook said over 2. You can read all about Facebook Messenger, including tips and tricks, from here. In fact, Facebook has launched a "new, faster and easier-to-use camera with art and special effects". A simple tap will let you take photo, while a long press will record a video.

The company said it wanted to make Messenger's camera "faster, simpler and more fun to send photos and videos".

Now you can take and add effects to photos and videos directly by tapping the Home button in the navigation bar, then tapping or pressing the shutter button at the bottom, and tapping the smiley or text or doodle icons to begin adding effects, text, or scribbles, respectively.

When finished, tap the arrow button to send. You can also take and edit photos by opening a conversation with someone and tapping the shutter button. Apart from making it easier to start taking photos and videos, Facebook has launched an effects hub to find new art and special effects, such as 3D masks. Facebook said you can take a selfie and "transform into a reindeer or play with falling snow".

It's added thousands of stickers, frames, masks, and effects to choose from - and you can personalise them using the new customisation tools. Again, to add effects to your photos and videos in Facebook Messenger, simply tap or press on the shutter button at the bottom to take a photo or video, respectively, then tap the effects button smiley icon to browse all the available special effects, including 3D masks, stickers, and frames. Remember, Snapchat offers these things called "lenses" and stickers.

Lenses are real-time special effects and sounds. Simply tap one in Snapchat to see a live mask applied to your face or background - it'll move with you and make it seem like you've transformed.

Meanwhile, stickers are cute cartoons and arts you can place around your photo or video like clip art. Go here to learn all about Snapchat and its features. They're available now in the iOS version of Facebook Messenger.

If you don't see the new photo and video effects, try updating your Messenger app to the latest version. The company said the feature should be arriving on Android soon. Check out Facebook's blog post for more details.

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