How to find owner of iphone

how to find owner of iphone

I found an iPhone and I want to find its original owner

Dec 18,  · Though the Carrier Store may not give the owner’s detail or be of much help, you may give a green signal to this method. iPhone (and most phones) have a unique number called an IMEI imprinted inside the SIM tray (or somewhere). The Carrier can use the IMEI information and track the owner and contact him. Mar 28,  · Steps. Open the Phone app by tapping the green and white phone receiver at the bottom of the home screen. Tap Recents to see if there’s a phone number they call regularly. Tap phone number or contact name to place the call.

To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. We found an iPhone 6S Plus. It has an activation lock on it, stating it was lost and erased. How can I find the owner ipjone return this phone? I've called Apple, who told me that there was no contact information associated with the IMEI number.

It seems ridiculous that someone that is trying to be honest and return such an expensive item to its rightful fibd, can't get anyone to help them. I'm not looking for them to give me the owner information.

Posted on Nov 1, AM. Page content loaded. Nov 1, AM. Turn it over to the police. Doing so would violate numerous privacy laws. Apple won't do anything with it. They will not pass along what is the county for charlotte nc information to the person it was registered to. If they say they can't do that, there is nothing more to do. Before you do anything with that phone, think.

How often would someone who has lost their phone both remotely wipe it and not leave instructions to recover it? From my background, I wouldnt be surprised if no one went to retrieve it. I didn't want the owners information, which is exactly what I said in fnd post. I know about privacy laws. I'm trying to do the right thing here, with an expensive product, and would appreciate some actual help, instead of what sounds like criticism to me.

Nov 1, Hoow. If the owner has reported it lost or stolen, the police may be able to reunite them with it, including by reference to the IMEI. Please re-read Tim's post. No where did he criticize you. He said they may be able to return it to the owner if you bring the device to them and let them handle it.

They would not provide your information to the device owner, for the same reasons that have been discussed. They are your only chance, unless you turn it in to the police.

Nov 11, AM. I found an iPad once that had the battery dead. I charged it up and when I turned it on I found the owners info and it did state it was erased. That info included a phone number so I called the person and told them I was in possession of their iPad and offered to give it back to them. We set a meeting place in a Starbucks and I gave them back their iPad.

I was offered compensation for it, but I refused. We talked over coffee and I made a new friend because of that. She cortisone shots in knee - how long to take effect how to find owner of iphone it to it's condition before she lost it.

So yes I can understand your frustration, uphone that lock screen should've included a phone number. Or any piece of info that you could use to contact them. Question: Q: Found iPhone. How to find the owner.

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User profile for user: KiltedTim KiltedTim. Nov 1, PM in response to Mrsdaysie In response to Mrsdaysie As previously advised, the best course of action is to hand the iPhone in to the police. Apple does not operate a lost and found service for any Apple device.

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Find the original owner of an iPhone if it is iCloud Locked

May 19,  · Find the original owner if the iPhone has a Passcode. If you are lucky, then the original owner left Siri to get accessed even if the iPhone has a passcode. Just summon Siri and ask her, “Call home”, “Call mom”, “Call dad”, “Call my wife” and other similar calls (Brother, sister, etc..). Nov 11,  · As previously advised, the best course of action is to hand the iPhone in to the police. If the owner has reported it lost or stolen, the police may be able to reunite them with it, including by reference to the IMEI. Apple does not operate a lost and found service for any Apple device. MoreLess. How to find the previous owner of the iPhone with IMEI? Well, if you are thinking that you can find the original owner using IMEI, you are wrong. If you didn't have the Apple ID and password, the IMEI number wouldn't help you to unlock the iCloud activation or provide the address of the previous owner.

Firstly, good for you, because not everyone has that moral compass within them. Fortunately, there are a number of ways within that iPhone itself that can point to who the rightful owner may be. Hopefully, the person who lost their iPhone has realized that by the time you find it. If this is the case, they may have sent out signals to the iPhone through iCloud or put it into Lost Mode.

Lost Mode leaves a message on screen indicating that the iPhone is in fact lost. Optionally, the owner could leave a message potentially with contact information for you to use to get in touch. All you have to do to be able to see if the iPhone is in Lost Mode is turn it on and take a look at the lock screen. Medical ID lets you fill out personal, private information about yourself like medical conditions and emergency contacts that someone can access directly from your phone in the case of an emergency.

You can check to see if this person has filled out their Medical ID by turning on the iPhone and swiping right to reveal the passcode screen. At the bottom left, tap Emergency. Now you should get a different keypad solely for dialing emergency services, but again on the bottom left you should see Medical ID if the owner has one filled out. Perhaps use one of the emergency contacts provided to call someone and let them know about the missing iPhone. The IMEI carries information about the device as well as the carrier.

A representative there should be able to look it up, find the owner and handle the situation from there. You might have to bring the iPhone to the store too. When all else fails, just turn the iPhone into the police. Your local police station should act as a secure lost-and-found of sorts. Avoid bringing a lost iPhone to an Apple Store. Your iPhone can not only help you track down your friends but some apps can prove lifesaving too.

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