How to get into the destiny beta

how to get into the destiny beta

How to get into the Destiny Beta for free

Nov 03, †∑ First off, you'll need pre-order a copy of Destiny for the platform of your choice to get beta access. This works for both regular editions and Destiny Special Editions of . Jul 10, †∑ How to Get Into the Destiny 2 Beta. Destiny 2 is due out on Sept. 6 on PS4 and Xbox One, and Oct. 24 on PC. Like with the first game in the series, Bungie is .

For the last couple of days, players who pre-ordered Destiny 2 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have been able to preview the game as its much-anticipated beta test began its staggered launch. Now, it's almost time for the open beta to get underway, allowing anyone to get in on the action. There's no need for a special code at this point ó just download the beta from the PlayStation Store or Xbox Store, and get started.

There are three main components to the beta. The first is Homecoming, the first mission of the game, and a good way of introducing some of the tweaks that have been made to gameplay and the major events that bring about the sequel's storyline. There's also a Strike called the Inverted Spire, which sees players team up how to ship glass christmas ornaments two other Guardians to take on an evil deep below the surface of new planetoid Nessus.

The beta also provides entry to the Crucible, with rounds of Countdown mode taking place on the recently revealed Endless Vale map. Bungie will be opening up some new content for a limited time this weekend.

The new social space designed for Destiny 2the Farm, will open its doors at 10AM on July 23, but it will only be accessible for a matter of hours before the open beta comes to a close. Now is the time to test out Destiny 2 for free to see whether the sequel is worthy of a purchase come September, unless of course one happens to be a PC gamer.

There's no specific start date for the PC betabut it's expected to arrive in late August. Source: Twitter. By Brad Jones Published Jul 21, Share Share Tweet Email 0.


The test is only going to be open for pre-order customers, but thanks to a loophole in Amazonís pre-order system, you can get into the beta without spending a dime. Hereís how you can get the Destiny Beta for any platform, for free. Step 1: Go to Amazon Head to Amazon and pre-order Destiny . Jul 28, †∑ The Destiny 2 beta has wrapped up on consoles, but the fun is just about to get started for PC players. Here's everything you need to know about your next taste of Bungie's hotly anticipated space. Apr 03, †∑ If youíre on console, and decide to buy directly on the Playstation or Xbox Store, youíll automatically get the beta as soon as itís available. If you decide to go with a retailer, be it online or brick-and-mortar, youíll have to redeem Destiny 2 beta code. Once again, if youíre in no hurry to play, you can just wait it out.

To access the open beta for Destiny 2 starting on August 29, , first download and install the Blizzard desktop app,. Once installed, you'll have the option to download and install Destiny 2. This installation will remain active until the end of the Open Beta on August 31st, You're probably wondering which console uses a nine character code format. The answer is none.

Instead, you're going to want to go over to Bungie. Don't have a bungie. No worries! All you need is an Xbox or PlayStation Network account to sign up and the rest is mostly automatic. Just go to the bungie. You want to get to a page that looks like the one above. You can do so by clicking the link above or going to the homepage of bungie. Enter the code in the box as shown above and click "Enter" when you're done.

Please know that you will be locked out from entering codes for a period of time if you try to redeem made up codes. After redeeming your code on Bungie. After you select your platform, you'll be given a code which you can redeem on your console of choice. If you preorder in-person, you'll be given a card with your nine character Beta key on it.

If you didn't get one since you preordered before the Beta's announcement, head over to your retailer with a proof of purchase to get the code.

If you preordered online, you will get an email sometime after preordering that contains your nine digit Beta key. That does mean you have to get the Beta for those platforms.

There will be a PC Beta code option at a later date, but for now you still need one of the aforementioned accounts to make a Bungie profile. Pre-ordering Destiny 2 grants you early access to the Beta, but console open-access begins on July 21st. Destiny 2 Wiki Guide. Last Edited: 30 Aug pm. The Destiny 2 Beta will occur during the summer of at the following dates: Those who pre-ordered on PS4 will gain access on 18th July at am PT.

Public Beta for console opens on 21st July How to Get Into the Open Beta on PC To access the open beta for Destiny 2 starting on August 29, , first download and install the Blizzard desktop app, Once installed, you'll have the option to download and install Destiny 2. Click on this link to go straight to there! Was this guide helpful? YES NO. In This Wiki Guide. Summary: From the makers of the acclaimed hit game Destiny, comes the much-anticipated FPS sequel that takes you on an epic journey across the solar system.

Franchises: Destiny. Genres: Shooter. Developers: Bungie Software. Publishers: Activision, Bungie Software. Release Date: September 6, Table of Contents.


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