How to get rid of sleepiness in class

how to get rid of sleepiness in class

Sleeperholic before class. Have a 9 a.m. class? Hop out of bed in the morning and head straight for the shower. It'll wake you right up! Dec 01, If you have a friend in class who share the same sentiments with you, you may do paperchat from time to time so you feel funny and not sleepy. But if you are allowed to sleep in class (only the wisest and open minded professors can allow you though) why not sleep?

Sleeping in class is a terrible habit that should not be encouraged. This may be due to spending the previous night turning it up in the bars, binge-watching your favorite TV shows, or studying for a test.

On a few occasions, you may have one of those nights when hitting the hay seems impossible no matter how hard you try. Regardless of the underlying reasons, sleep debts must be paid and sometimes class becomes the opportune time to do it. If you must during a lecture or lesson, it is important not to get caught as that can land you in some deep trouble depending on the lecturer or teacher.

Besides, the embarrassment of being called out while sleeping in front of everyone can be terrible. You could even get sent to detention or be given a low grade for your troubles.

Learn how to sleep in class by reading the different headings. There are many factors involved when trying to sleep in class, here are a couple of tips for it. Your location is probably the most important factor that may determine success in the quest to sleep in class without getting caught.

Getting this wrong can get you in trouble from the word go so you have to be extremely careful. Here are the most important location-focused tips to employ:. Instead, always seek a seat located at the blindside of the teacher.

This is preferably at the back end of the class behind a tall student. Sometimes, a seat in the middle of the class can also work well thanks to the army of students in the front, back, and sides. The chances of sleeping through the class with minimal attention can be greatly enhanced. Many teachers start scanning the room with their eyes to find their favorite students immediately they arrive. They continue this practice throughout the class, gauging the facial expressions of such students, and asking questions whenever an opportunity presents itself.

You can easily get caught napping when you sit close to such students. Even if those favorites are seated at the back, find another spot in the class and thank me later. You can be sure of attracting less attention as you try to make a dash to Dreamland unscathed. That can be a great time to catch up on some snooze. With these labs full of big computer monitors, hiding behind one under the guise of working used to be one of my favorite techniques for napping during college. Just sit on the lab chair, position your head close to the monitor so that the teacher cannot see you from afar, and head off to Slumberland.

Take note that some teachers may get off their seats to walk around the laboratory for monitoring purposes. So staying half-awake can be beneficial in some cases. Click the link for some deep insights to avoid sleeping in class in the first place.

Timing can be everything for anyone serious about sleeping in class without getting caught. Here are the best techniques to increase your chances of success. Napping right from the first minute of the class can be a big no-no.

After all, many teachers have a habit of name-checking students at the onset of each class. This can get you caught out immediately which may not only throw any sleeping plans into disarray but can also get you into trouble. Contribute as much as you can by asking and answering questions as well. This can get the heat off your back as the class progresses meaning you can have a field day napping later on.

Many teachers try to make their classes lively and more engaging by seeking out passive students whenever they have questions. Since you contributed aggressively at the beginning of the class, the teacher will how to become a sub teacher target other students down the line. Some teachers are notorious for ignoring a lot of stuff that goes on in class.

A few may even ignore students caught napping while in the middle of a lesson. Such classes could be the best ones to target to pay your sleep debts after an awful night. Passive and lenient teachers usually have boring classes where multiple students fall asleep. With several others dozing off just as much as you, the risk of getting into trouble diminishes. Some classes feature documentaries regularly and this can make them a good place to nap. The good news is that class documentaries can create the perfect ambiance to snooze and get away with it.

The good news is that the majority of educational videos and documentaries are available on Youtube for a catch-up later.

An even better tip is to watch the class documentary on your own ahead of time if possible. This can give you the knowledge to answer questions should the teacher suddenly call you out during the class. Some teachers give one-on-one attention to students who may be in need and thus their classes can be easy to sleep through. But, be careful not to get overconfident during such classes as you never know palo alto ca is in what county the teacher may move to help a student seated close to you.

Better still, keep an eye open and stay half-awake to get the best results. Sleeping through a class or lecture successfully requires employing lots of sneaky techniques. Propping up the head with one hand against the cheeks battleship craft how to make a aircraft carrier drawing support from a desk is probably the best way to sleep in class. The trick is to position the head upright throughout the nap because tilting it too much can make you lose control of the elbows especially when you get deeper into the realms of sleep.

This can make it easier to get caught out as the loss of balance could make the elbows slip which may inevitably wake you up.

Additionally, make sure the mouth is firmly closed as this position makes you susceptible to drooling which can be embarrassing. Leaning back in your chair may be another smart move when napping in class.

It can be a great way to avoid drawing attention to yourself. However, make sure to choose a chair that offers strong back support as. This position is popular among back pain sufferers and students with balance issues. This may get you exposed when the teacher calls out your name out of nowhere. But it can also be a great way to disguise sleeping in class.

Have you bagged a window seat at the how to fix vorbisfile.dll for gta san andreas of the class? Leaning yourself against the window may be a great way to get some quick shuteye.

It can offer the body a lot of support while you pretend to be looking straight up as the class progresses. This is probably the most comfortable way to sleep in class for anyone who desires maximum rest.

However, I saved it for the last because it how much does it cost to rent a trolley also the riskiest. It can be easy for any teacher to spot a student lying down with his or her neck on the desk. To enhance your chances of success, make sure to sit directly behind one of the tallest students in the class.

Avoid wearing anything that makes you stand out at the beginning of how to fold puff pastry lesson such as a hot colored shirt or large jewelry.

Finally, try to stay half-awake as the comfort of this position can make you waltz into REM sleep which can spell doom. Sometimes, sleeping in class successfully entails getting the right gear. Here are a few techniques to stay under the radar while snoozing in a lecture hall with one equipment how to remove conhost .exe the other.

A large textbook can be one of the most suitable accomplices for class sleeping adventures. Many teachers refuse to bat an eyelid when students read textbooks during class and that can be exploited to your advantage. The technique involves propping up your textbook with the hands such that it is positioned in front of the face. Then lean back to an angle where anybody from afar can only see the book and not your face.

Now you can nod off without any interruptions. The key to getting away with this is to read a textbook covering the current class at that point. This is a favorite tactic among college students who have mastered the art of taking low-key naps in class. Since laptops are allowed in every lecture hall, why not hide behind it to get some rest after a long night? Then lean back in your chair and go to sleep peacefully.

If possible, avoid plugging in the laptop as your feet may easily get tangled with the power cables which could land the gadget on the floor. No problem. A pen and notepad can be just as effective in evading attention how to glue headlights back together trying to get some sleep in the middle of a lecture. The steps are as follows:.

Not only could this lead to an easy discovery but it can also be hugely embarrassing. Wearing a nasal strip may be the safest bet to prevent snoring among those who have been diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Also known as nasal dilators, they come in the form what causes pain in middle right side of back adhesive bandages that are flexible and spring-like.

Fixed on the bridge of the nose, they make breathing during sleep easier by keeping the airways open. If you have plans of sleeping during the next class, fix a nasal strip before it begins and be ready to explain to your teacher that it is how to get rid of sleepiness in class prevent your allergies.

Hoodies can help anyone nap in class and get away with it especially during winter when lots of other students may be wearing similar clothing. This can prevent gawking eyes when you do eventually start dozing off. If you happen to wear long hair, hoodies may not even be necessary because the hair can act as a potent cover while you sleep. Tinted glasses can be another sneaky way to sleep in class without drawing unnecessary attention.

These glasses hide the eyes more subtly. Thus, staying alert at the beginning of the class could be critical. Dozing off afterward can be a lot more clandestine. Sometimes, the people you surround yourself with can determine whether you get caught or not.

Here are a few tried and tested techniques to get some sleep in an ongoing class with the help of others:. Sitting close to a bunch of attentive students in a class can help you sleep under the radar.

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Last Updated: April 6, References Approved. She specializes in plant-based nutrition, weight management, women's health, preventative medicine, and depression. There are 12 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has 28 testimonials from our readers, earning it our reader-approved status. This article has been viewed 1,, times. Feeling sleepy is an ailment that plagues many people regardless of circumstances.

Chronic lethargy and an inability to focus can make everyday activities time-consuming and difficult to enjoy. Rather than suffering with your feelings of drowsiness during the day, take action to improve your mental clarity and concentration. You can also try listening to your favorite music to get energized! Changing your environment by moving to a different room or going for a walk is another way to wake yourself up.

Finally, adding foods that are rich in fiber to your diet, like apples or black beans, may help, since fiber gives your body more energy. For more suggestions on trying to not feel sleepy, including when to have that cup of coffee, read on!

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Cookie Settings. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Download Article Explore this Article methods. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Article Summary. Method 1 of Drink more water. A classic fix-me-up for most ailments, drinking water regularly throughout your day will have you feeling peppy in no time.

Oftentimes those feelings of fatigue and lethargy are due to nothing more than basic dehydration. Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up in the morning to start up your metabolism, and continue drinking several glasses throughout the day. Eat breakfast. Doing so will keep your metabolism in sloth-mode, making you slow to start most anything throughout the day. Force yourself to get up a bit earlier if necessary, and take the time to eat a complete breakfast.

The nutrients will energize you throughout the day, making sacrificing your snooze button worth it. Eat frequently. Rather than complying with the socially dictated three large meals a day, try to eat smaller meals throughout the day. This will keep your blood sugar levels from plummeting, and provide your body with more vitamins and nutrients that it needs to stay focused.

Exercise more often. Getting on your feet and moving around can seem even more difficult when mid-afternoon drowsiness has a solid hold on you, but adding physical activity to your routine will limit your exhaustion.

Work out for at least ten minutes a day, even if all you do is take a brisk walk outdoors. Getting your blood circulating and a breath of fresh air will have you pumped and ready in no time. Get some sun. Kill two birds with one stone, and do your exercising outdoors as well! Adjust your caffeine intake. You get hit with a wave of sleepiness, and your first instinct is to reach for yet another cup of coffee.

But wait! Turns out, drinking more than cups of coffee a day doesn't increase your energy any more, and doing so after 12 or 1 in the afternoon will worsen your night of sleep later in the day. Therefore, limit your caffeine intake to three cups or less a day, so that you get the boost of energy without the nasty jittery side effects. Try taking ashwagandha. Ashwagandha is an herb that can be taken as a daily supplement.

It is an adaptogen and it may help your body to respond better to daily stress. Ashwagandha may also help you to feel more alert and awake. Check with your doctor or pharmacist before taking ashwagandha, especially if you are on other medications. Regulate your sleep cycle. So last night you went to a great concert, staying up till the wee hours in the morning, and then you slept in till noon.

Then you had to head to bed early later the following night in preparation for a 7 am meeting for work. Try to go to bed at the same time every night, and wake up at the same time every morning. This will help your body to have clear boundaries for when sleep should occur, and reduce your sleepy feelings during the day. Method 2 of Listen to some music.

Music has a huge affect on mood and mental state; in addition to the ability to change your emotional state, music can also increase your energy levels. One major study done showed that people who listen to music, regardless of the volume or tempo, were more energized than people who did not. So, grab your iPod or turn on your favorite radio station and crank up some tunes!

Try a breathing exercise. Our breathing patterns are altered by our emotional and mental state, even when we aren't aware of it. Doing this for a minute or longer will help wake up your brain and de-fog your thoughts.

Eat Omega-3s. These often talked about nutrients are beneficial for wakefulness, among other things. Try water therapy. The cool temperature and feeling of the water will improve circulation and have you concentrating a bit better than before.

Use a foam roller to promote better circulation. Using a foam roller for 5 minutes to help release tight muscles may help to improve your circulation, which may make you feel less sleepy.

National Institutes of Health Go to source Lay on the roller or lean against a wall with the roller between your back and the wall. Move your body up and down over the roller slowly to knead stiff muscles in your shoulders, back, and legs. Try taking a foam roller break any time you feel sleepy and see if you feel more alert afterwards. Consume some fiber. Fiber, unlike many of the foods we eat, takes a very long time to digest fully.

Therefore, eat some fiber-filled foods and allow them to slowly release energy into your body over the course of the day. Try out an apple with the skin, some black beans, or a bran cereal and let go of your weary ways. Take a catnap. Long naps during the day can disrupt your sleep later in the night, but taking short, timed naps in the afternoon can be just what your body needs to refresh itself.

A veritable reboot can be performed by taking a nap that is 20 minutes long. This is just enough time for your body to fall asleep and kick out fatigue-causing stressors that have built up in your mind. Even a very short, 6-minute nap can help to promote alertness, so try taking a nap even if you do not have much time.

National Institutes of Health Go to source. Take a magnesium supplement. Your sleepiness could indeed be due to a basic lack in vitamins and minerals. These are available at most health food stores and can be taken on a daily basis.

Deal with stress. If you have a messy desk, ongoing argument with a friend, or an overwhelming amount of work to do, it could be stressing you out and making you more tired than you normally would be. Deal with the stressors you are aware of, whenever you are able.

Managing anxiety-provoking things as they pop up will improve your overall mental health, as well as keep you focused throughout the day. Change your environment. Studying or working in bed or on a comfy couch is a great way to make yourself tired. Rather than imposing fatigue on yourself by staying in a location that is much too comfortable, move to a place you are less likely to fall asleep in.

Working in a coffee shop or at a hard desk will make it much more difficult to want to sleep than piles of cozy blankets and pillows will. Did you know you can read expert answers for this article?


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