How to lighten hair naturally

how to lighten hair naturally

Brighten Gray Hair in 3 Easy Ways Without Color

Mar 17,  · Honey is another favorite ingredient for lightening hair naturally, especially when it's combined with cinnamon (a natural scalp clarifier), olive oil (a super-effective moisturizer), and apple. Nov 16,  · Using pure honey can answer your question of how to lighten hair naturally without damage. Honey is a great natural ingredient to nourish and moisturize the hair while helping to lighten the hair color. Whole honey contains an enzyme that can produce small amounts of hydrogen peroxide, a common bleach known as senile acid.

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Lightening your hair is what is a good rust remover lot of upkeep. It means frequent trips to your colorist, more advanced haircare, and at least some damage no matter what products you use. So how can we can have the joys of lighter hair without footing the bill for damaging foils? The good news is there are a few natural remedies for lightening your hair at home that professional colorists actually approve of.

Off the bat, you should know that these methods aren't as powerful at lightening hair as bleach, but could still deliver the result you're looking for. Lightening hair is a trickier process because it involves opening up the hair shaft and lifting the current shade out. Bleach breaks into the hair follicle while hydrogen peroxide, an oxidizing agent, strips away existing color. Thankfully, toners are there to deposit the desired color or "tone" back into the hair before re-sealing the cuticle.

But bleach can leave the hair feeling brittle, and depending on the level of peroxide used, your hair can be left in pretty bad shape. So before you resort to a pricy set of full highlights at the salon, try one of these six home remedies. Meet the Expert. You've heard of '70s kids laying out in the sun with lemon juice on their hair and tanning oil on their already leathered skin, right?

Thankfully, we now know to ditch the tanning oil for SPF, but the lemon on our hair remains. In terms of application, LA based colorist Anja Burton suggests the following:.

Let the strands dry in the sun. This technique usually only works on lighter hair tones. Avoid getting any lemon juice on your skin, it could burn with sun exposure. Using vinegar as a lightener requires extreme caution because too much can in fact be damaging.

If your hair is super fine or already in a brittle state, this may not be the natural cure for you. To avoid unwanted warmth, brunettes can try using white vinegar to pull cooler tones. The main component in honey that works in our hair brained favor is an enzyme called glucose oxidase. Its purpose is to break down sugars and to serve as a protectant from spoiling. But when you add water to honey, which could cause it to spoil, the enzyme actually generates trace amounts of hydrogen peroxide!

When applying your honey mix, slather it how to lighten hair naturally damp hair so the water helps kick things into gear. To keep the hair how to lighten hair naturally and contained, twist it up into a bun and cover it with a shower cap. Again, heat can help speed things up so what was the name of the first internet search engine out the blowdryer and apply some heat to your shower cap every now and then while you let it sit.

Apply with a color brush or paint brush and try your hand at some DIY balayage. Paint on your highlights and wrap them in foil. Sea salt is perhaps my personal favorite approach to naturally lightening hair. What are camera lenses used for delicate little flower carries a pigment in its petals called apigenin.

Apigenin creates a golden tint, which may attach itself to the hair shaft when applied. The lightening agent will be activated with heat so you can sit in the sun or use a hair dryer. The bonus is that chamomile may have conditioning properties that will leave your hair feeling soft and shiny. And in some cases, the added effort might be upping your chances for lighter strands.

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Mar 14,  · 5 Easy, Natural Ways to Lighten Dark Hair. March 14, by Emily Orofino. K Shares View On One Page ADVERTISEMENT () Start Slideshow. Share This Link Copy. Oct 22,  · Brighten Gray Hair in 3 Easy Ways Without Color. To brighten gray hair seems like an oxymoron, but there are ways to perk up aging hair without hair color. Read on to learn three ways to brighten gray without dying. Whoop, whoop, happy Hump Day hotties and welcome to this Wednesday’s Q&A with Ask the Pro Stylist.

Are you looking for cheap but safe and effective ways on how to lighten hair naturally? It is time to throw away harsh bleaching kits and take advantage of some natural ingredients to get lighter hair. By using natural detergents in the kitchen, or using affordable products, you will have the wonderful hair that every girl desires.

However, before attempting to change your hair color, you should know what to expect after lightening your hair. Actually, hair colorists said that natural hair lightening just works when you have fair hair with a fine texture to start with.

If you have dark hair, you are dealing with orange and red undertones. They will become the first colors exposed when you make a move lighten you hair. If your hair is light brown, lightening your hair will reveal dark blonde color. People with red heads will get strawberry blondes after hair lightening. However, if you have black or dark brown hair, then some natural recipes like lemon might not have significant impacts on your hair color. Therefore, the purpose of lightening hair is more suitable for those with light hair.

However, sometimes, the permanent of using natural ingredients on black or dark brown hair also helps to lighten the color for a few shades. The article below will give you some tips on how to lighten hair naturally and fast at home without damage. Also, you will find out some interesting information about your hair to avoid damaging it during the lightening process as well as general hair care.

Keratin is also the main constituent of the nails and outer layers of our skin. Keratin grows from the hair follicles hair roots.

Hair follicle is the root of the cup under our scalp. Each hair follicle contains a lot of small blood vessels. Hair follicles attached to the scalp so that nutrients will follow the blood vessels to the hair. Around the hair follicles, there are sebaceous glands also known as oil glands or sebaceous glands that help lubricate the hair. The hair shaft consists of three layers: the cuticle, the cortex, and the medulla. The epidermis affects the condition of the shiny hair. They can also lose KIT adhesives, causing the keratin flakes to peel off.

So the conditioner or silicone cream containing silicon, essential oils and some other substances will help keep the hair moist and smooth. So what are elements decide the hair color?

There are two types of melanin that determine the color of your hair: eumelanin natural pigment and pheomelanin red pigment. In general, the more eumelanin is, the darker the hair is, and vice versa. The rate of melanin changes over time, so your hair color changes with age. As aging progresses, the pigmentation decreases and the hair color fades. If there is no pigment left, the hair will be white. In addition, racial factors also affect hair color. There you have gathered some basic information about hair and hair color.

Now it is time to find out tips on how to lighten your hair naturally and fast at home. Please take a look at TrueRemedies. Using pure honey can answer your question of how to lighten hair naturally without damage.

Honey is a great natural ingredient to nourish and moisturize the hair while helping to lighten the hair color. Whole honey contains an enzyme that can produce small amounts of hydrogen peroxide, a common bleach known as senile acid.

Over time, honey will gradually lighten and moisturize your hair. You can apply honey directly to your hair as a mask. Add a little water to dilute the honey more easily. Apply honey to wet hair, cover the head and leave for about minutes. Then wash your hair with warm water and some shampoo.

You can also make masks for hair by mixing honey with olive oil in a ratio of 1: 1 and a half more banana to improve hair conditioning effect. Then apply the mixture to your hair. Use a shower to protect your head and leave it over night.

Another option is to put the honey in normal conditioner, and shake the bottle for the mix. Then use conditioner as usual after shampooing. Using chrysanthemum tea is another easy and inexpensive alternative to lighten your hair without damage.

Chrysanthemum is available in most grocery stores and health food stores in the form of tea bags or dried flowers. To make tea, take the steps below:. Chrysanthemum tea can be used in a variety of ways. You can try some teaspoons of cold tea on shampoo and conditioner, shake well and use as usual. Alternatively, use chrysanthemum tea to shampoo. Pour cold water into a shampoo and place it in the bathroom for the last time using shampoo and conditioner. If possible, let the hair dry naturally outside before using chrysanthemum tea because the sun will help speed up the process of lightening the hair color.

A long time ago, lemon juice was used as a lightening ingredient for hair. Although lime juice is most effective in lightening blonde hair, it can also be used to lighten black hair or dark brown hair. This ingredient has been used for years as it is consist of bleaching effects. The citric acid in lime or lemon fruit could be used to lighten hair. This method seems to work the best on hair with lighter shades.

Yet, you should use this ingredient with caution since lime or lemon juice can lighten hair but also damage hair. It is very acidic so it may burn your hair if used improperly. The best manner to use it is mixing it with a conditioner. Remember to use real lemon juice to lighten hair. After being sprayed on the hair and exposed to sunlight or heat source , citric acid in the lemon will be activated, opening the epidermis and removing pigmentation on the hair.

However, lemon juice can dry your hair so you need to use conditioner after using lemon juice. To use lemon juice, follow these guidelines:. Due to the natural drying properties of lemon juice, it is best to apply lemon juice to your hair before going out in the sun just for 30 minutes or so to enhance the lightening effect while still preventing hair from looking fuzzy. You can mix some lemon juice with honey, olive oil or chamomile tea to increase the effect of lightening and nourishing hair.

Alternatively, you can also use lemon essential oil to get similar effects. Blend a few drops of this oil with water to get a perfect concoction.

Chamomile has a lot of benefits for health and beauty. This golden color ingredient is a medicinal plant used for many centuries to relieve stomach illnesses and salves. Owing to flavonoids, chamomile can lighten hair shafts naturally over time [1].

You can incorporate this ingredient into your beauty routine to reap its benefits. This process will give you a lightening effect, particularly if you own light tresses. The brunettes also benefit with a slight lightening. Chamomile can also work well with some other natural hair lightening ingredients, such as lemon juice, coconut or almond oil.

A little known tip on how to lighten hair naturally without damage is using cinnamon powder. You will be surprised but cinnamon is a mild detergent that can brighten black hair up to tones if used regularly. However, it should be noted that the final hair color may be slightly red due to the natural color of cinnamon. You can buy cinnamon powder at the store or use the cinnamon sticks and grind them into the fine powder. Using cinnamon powder also gives the hair a cinnamon smell after incubation.

That is great! Despite henna is often known to help dark hair, it can also provide reddish highlights, thereby lightening dark brunettes. Rhubarb has both medicinal and cosmetic use which spans over years. It has a high concentration of oxalic acid and is found in many products for cleaning metal, controlling insects and tanning leather.

One of the most interesting uses of rhubarb root is lightening blonde and light brown hair. Oxalic acid practices as a fixative which helps maintain the color in your hair much longer than other herbs. Are you brave enough to try rhubarb for hair lightening? Herbalists claim that medicinal rhubarb species have the strongest dying ability, but the ones that are grown at home also work as well, with relatively mild effects.

However, do not allow your children and pets to get in touch with rhubarb root. You can buy rhubarb at a grocery store or an agricultural market. Or you can also grow this plant yourself in your garden. Rhubarb easily grows in the home garden and also the wild. To use this herb for hair lightening, you should test the liquid dye on your hair strand in order to check whether or not you like the color.

In case you love it, follow these steps:. This sounds strange when using olive oil comes to tips on how to lighten hair naturally without damage, but it does work well.

Olive oil is renowned as a natural moisturizer and has gentle lightening effects.


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