How to make a photo booth backdrop stand

how to make a photo booth backdrop stand

Up the Wedding Photo Fun Factor with the Best DIY Photo Booth

Colorful Photo Booth Backdrop For a more colorful backdrop, try dipping the tips of coffee filters into multi-hued fabric dyes, then affixing to a foam board for a floral effect. For a simpler backdrop, hang a section of Kraft paper and paint it with gold stripes or polka dots. Oct 03,  · Build a DIY Photo Booth Backdrop The faces of your family and friends having fun are sure to be picture perfect all on their own, but a styled backdrop can make photos even better. If you've never wielded a hammer or drilled a hole, the thought of constructing a DIY photo booth backdrop may seem above your skill set.

Hexagon Gackdrop Wedding Arch Give your merry moments and festive occasions a touch of style and elegance with thematic backdrops and photo booths. Use our heavy-duty metal backdrop stands to anchor colorful and bashful backdrops and arches.

Chic hexagon shape and solid metal construction of this abckdrop will give you a robust stamd for an epic background for your celebration. Hexagonal in shape and sturdy in formation, this frame can be used to create bloth mesmerizing wedding arch, door arch, balloon or floral arches, backdrops, peppy photo booths, and even quirky geometric presentations.

Shiny gold metallic polish further enhances the imperial charm of this metallic arch. Hang our clear glass terrariums with tea lights inside, or swathe with tulle and floral garlands to how to win at online casino breathtaking backdrops for stanr special day. The hexagon Arch was very pretty but we had to use additional what time does the big e open to hold it up it kept wanting to lean and fall over but once we got it supported and the Garland on it it was very beautiful.

Loved it. But worked perfectly. First off this order came in fast! I ordered the hexagon arch for my upcoming wedding and it is beautiful. UPS did a number on the how to play electric bass guitar for beginners while it was in transit causing chipping to happen.

Definitely will recommend! It was so easy to set up and very sturdy. I would highly recommend this arch. I love it! Beautiful shape! Had a couple scratches but nothing anyone would see from a distance! Good afternoon, The purchasing experience was great! In addition, the delivery timing was super fast which I truly appreciated. However, the box that the arch came in was beat up and opened a bit causing a portion of the arch to be scratched up.

Can't wait to use for my wedding! Best, Naisha P. However, packaging could be better. Packaging was not good enough that the metal came al scratched. I was pleasantly surprised with the size, quality and fast shipping of this item.

Haven't used it yet. Using it for a baby shower to frame and decorate chair that mommy- booh -be ma,e be sitting on. I will take a picture and let you know how it worked out. Add to Cart. Balloons and other accessories are not included. Assembly Instruction: Assembly Diagram Included. Installation Tips: Should assemble the legs first. You need a screwdriver to tighten the screws. Screwdriver is not included All sizes are approximate measurements Due to different light settings the actual color might vary a bit from the pictures.

More Details. Information Information Reviews Hexagon Metal Wedding Arch Give your merry moments and festive occasions a go of style and elegance with thematic backdrops and photo booths.

Gold Backdrop Stand Hexagonal in shape and sturdy in formation, this frame can be used to create most mesmerizing wedding arch, door arch, balloon or floral arches, backdrops, peppy photo booths, and even quirky geometric presentations. Portable Photo Booth This portable photo booth backdrop stand can be carried easily anywhere. With firm base legs, this frame provided a safe, secure, and sturdy base for your backdrops, whether heavy or light!

These help secure phofo screws in to give security to the frame pohto the item. Customer Reviews. Customer Photos. Reviews Questions. Title of Review. How was your overall experience?

Thank you for submitting a how to solve unemployment in america Your input is very much appreciated. Share it with your friends so they can enjoy it too! Facebook Twitter. Clear filters. More Filters. United States. Was bzckdrop helpful? Gold frame. Hexagon Metal Arch. Hexagon backdrop. Very happy! Mqke shower. Empty Cart x. Assembly Diagram. Material: Lightweight Metal. Overall Height: 96" 8 ft. Overall Width Diameter: 82".

Capacity: Lbs. Order is for Wedding Arch only. Screwdriver is not included. All sizes are approximate measurements. Due to different light settings the actual oboth might vary a bit from the pictures.

Save money and capture memories with these DIY photo booth ideas

Gold Backdrop Stand. Hexagonal in shape and sturdy in formation, this frame can be used to create most mesmerizing wedding arch, door arch, balloon or floral arches, backdrops, peppy photo booths, and even quirky geometric presentations. "The booth can be there for a limited amount of time and have as many or as few props and backdrop elements, but guests just want a nice photo to take home or post on social media later. Adjustable Backdrop Stand, easy to assemble and disassemble by one person in just a few minutes, adjust the height (from ft to 7 ft) and width (from 5 ft to 10 ft). Photo Backdrop Stand with 4 Spring Clamps, holds canvas, muslin, or paper, prevent background slippage.

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Measure content performance. Develop and improve products. List of Partners vendors. Pictures are a huge part of any wedding day, especially for your guests, so there's no better way to help your nearest and dearest commemorate your nuptials than with a DIY photo booth. In comes the crafty, creative route. With a nice, well-lit backdrop, guests could just have a friend take a cell phone photo," explains Vance.

Meet the Expert. Jessi Vance is the owner of Tomfoolery Photobooth and a photography specialist with over 10 years of experience. She is also the senior photographer and stylist for Minted.

No matter how you decide to let guests capture their own images, whether it be selfie sticks or disposable cameras or enlisting the help of a pro, each idea will keep guests well-entertained, well-photographed, and buzzing about your creative photo booth station long after the wedding. Fully-fledged flower walls make a huge visual impact but the cost of having a florist create one can run pretty high.

Taking on the project yourself, however, can be affordable. If you want the real thing, you can cover a plywood board with natural moss and a scattering of florals or skip the greenery completely and have a deconstructed, minimalist vibe of bare wood and blooms. For a faux approach, take the same board idea or foam and adhere craft-store greenery and florals to achieve the same lush or deconstructed!

You can also use a trellis for a fresh-from-the-garden vibe. Chalkboard backdrops can run the gamut from chic and industrial to whimsical and nostalgic depending on the font and style you choose. As for a canvas, you can roll in an actual chalkboard, have a chalkboard cutout made, or get some chalkboard paint and turn just about anything into the perfect surface. Add an interactive quality by passing out chalk and have guests leave little notes or signatures behind. Guests always flock to the sight of a photo frame to stand in and the presence of a border always seems to loosen everyone up.

We love the customization of this with the newlyweds' names and the stunning copper and greenery-accented elements that were paired with it. Streamline the process of the actual photo-capturing with apps like Lumabooth or Wifibooth. These downloads allow you to transform your iPad into a photo-booth station with everything from timers to digital backdrops to layouts. That's what is so fun about it, reliving the night the next day. Set a selfie stick on every table and watch guests become mini photographers of their own, capturing moments throughout the night.

Sure, you may end up with a whole lot of pictures of your guests' faces, but it will make for a fun time to review all of the behind-the-scenes photos post-wedding. You can also invest in a remote-controlled, Bluetooth selfie stick to act as a makeshift tripod in front of a decorative backdrop. No matter what camera situation you choose, a photo backdrop that's worthy of gracing your guests' social media feeds is an absolute must.

Add a shimmery, playful component to your photo-booth station or keep it simple with a basic white or ivory background that won't claim too much dominance within your reception venue. Let's not forget about props, either.

Turn any space into a photo booth with 2D props, which will inspire guests to bring out their silly sides for the sake of the pictures. You can take the DIY photo booth prop approach, too, by hitting up the craft store and making your own paper cutouts. For the most budget-friendly photo booth alternative, go old-school with disposable cameras. Set these on tables—or even designate a separate corner near a fun backdrop for the ultimate photo shoot.

Guests can easily snap pictures of one another, and you can get them developed after the wedding to see all of the fun. Instant photos from a Polaroid camera will be great souvenirs for friends and family to take home with them. Guests can also leave them for you as a way of signing your guest book this camera has a built-in selfie mirror!

Either way, this is a fun method to get quick shots of your guests in action throughout the night that they can reflect on after the wedding. Take polaroids or selfie sticks one step further and create a designated selfie station. This acrylic sign is ideal for highlighting your selfie-taking spot, especially if the finished photos will also double as guest-book fillers. Have a few nearby cameras at the ready for wedding attendees to pose in front of, after which they can paste their pics in your guest book with a personalized note.

How cool is this photo booth idea? Oh-so retro and vibey, we can't think of a single person who wouldn't be clamoring for a photo op in here. Shutterbus offers professional rentals for any events, but if you're not in the service area or are looking for a DIY alternative, just find an old clunker and deck it out on the inside with all the photo-taking goodness. Let's face it, social media has become a big component of wedding photography and hashtags are the best way to see all the posts in one place.

While you don't have to come up with a quirky hashtag if you don't want to, you will need to let everyone know what it is if you do. Whether on a chalkboard, in framed artwork, painted on reclaimed wood, or emblazoned on favors, be sure to showcase your hashtag signage near the photo booth for optimum exposure.

Perfect for a selfie station or as the backdrop of a photo booth, a plush lounge area adds a little something-something to wedding photos. Add furniture, rugs, lighting, anything to set the mood for more dynamic photos that allow guests to interact with the environment. You'll love the creative poses and scenes that will result. Decorate your venue just as you would your home, with photos of your nearest and dearest strewn about.

All you need is some twine, or fabric of choice, and some clothespins to decorate the space with your most cherished memories. You can even leave it as a blank space to start and have guests add the polaroids or photo strips that they take throughout the night.

Personalize a photo booth backdrop with a custom neon sign. Choose to light up your names, a favored line of poetry, song lyrics, or a catchphrase that speaks to your personalities and your union. Just be mindful if it needs an outlet and how to secure the fragile piece.

A photo booth set up need not be an absolute eyesore. You can create a statement wall or mark the area with something that both adds to the overall aesthetic and blends with the wedding style. This macrame curtain and its tropical frame is not only stunning but also a great complement to the natural surroundings. Lighting is extremely important when taking photos and a photo booth is no exception. You may have heard that candlelight is the original filter, making everyone look their best, but a warm glow can be just as complementary.

A backdrop of string lights will not only bathe everyone in a flattering radiance but will also add a whimsical aspect to the scene. If scrapbooks aren't quite your thing, or you prefer a traditional guestbook for the event, you can still collect the photographic memories by having guests deposit them in a box for you to open later. The quaint and homey aesthetic is a great way to ease guests into the photo booth with a sense of comfort and familiarity.

These painted shutters are such a sweet way to frame the backdrop and add an elegant texture to the space. Plus, they're super easy to DIY yourself.

Friends and family will be back for seconds after posing in front of a pretty photo accessory. And who could resist a fluffy, textured piece like this? It just oozes fun. You can scour the digital sphere for similar backdrops in just about every finish and color combo imaginable.

Or just pick up some streamers and create your very own. Sometimes the lure of an old-school photo booth is hard to pass up. The sentimental charm is unequivocal to anything else, making the Kenwood Booth a party focal point and interactive experience all in one.

If you prefer the DIY route, but without sacrificing on the privacy offered by the design, you can easily assemble your own construction out of heavy drapes or wood paneling if you're talented in carpentry with a fitted top for a ceiling. Just tuck a bench inside and et voila! The guests are loosened up a little and are ready to get in there and have fun. Nothing helps guests shed their inhibitions in front of a camera quite like an arsenal of silly costume bits.

From hats to wigs to comically sized accessories, partiers can don their very best—or worst , in this case—and really lean into the look in front of the camera. You'll be laughing at the photos and reliving the excitement for years to come. You've got the booth, the backdrops, and the props. But how do you get people there? Chances are your guests might not even be aware of the designated photo-op spot. Enter, marquee lights. Beautiful and bright, no one will miss these babies.

What better canvas for wedding photos than one that pays homage to the newlyweds? With a customized backdrop emblazoned with the wedding details, guests will never rifle through photos wondering when they were taken. Have the backdrop custom made to your liking or, for the ultimate cost-effective option, you can enlist the help of a crafty friend to paint a DIY photo backdrop on a white sheet with your initials or a fun pattern.

When your guests get all dressed up, they love the opportunity to get a nice photo with their date, friends, or family. You can also find strip-shaped envelopes to house them as favors. Since guests tend to feel more comfortable posing for pictures when they're afforded a bit of privacy, photo booths are best placed out of the direct line of sight. To ensure everyone can still locate the spot and easily make their way to it after a few drinks, employ some signage to lead the way.


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