How to make copy of a dvd in windows 7

how to make copy of a dvd in windows 7

How to copy optical discs (CD, DVD or Blu-Ray) in Windows

Feb 27,  · If you would like to make copies of a DVD on Windows 7, you need to: Copy ALL of the contents of the source DVD to a directory on your computer. For convenience’s sake, simply create a new folder on your Desktop with a fitting name and copy all of the files and folders on the source DVD over to this lovealldat.comted Reading Time: 3 mins. Step 1 Launch the DVD Copy Software on Windows 7 Download, install and open Wondershare DVD Creator on your Windows PC, click More DVD Tools button right-bottom the interface to choose DVD copy functions. Choose DVD to DVD option on the interface to open the DVD copy function. Step 2 Select DVD Copy Settings.

On the internet platform, you will find the various DVD converter software. However, only a few of them will be work perfectly without any issue. Installing any third party software on the computer always create a huge stress of virus attack. The tools that we will provide you to copy a DVD on Windows 7 are completely safe and secure to download and install. The copyright law in many countries protects the DVD maker's copyright. That is to say, you cannot copy a copyright protected DVD for any commercial purpose.

But feel free if you just copy it for personal using or you own the copyright of the DVD. Next, choose the Output typeCopy modeand Disc label as your needs. You can choose copy mode from Full Movie, Main Movie with menuWiindows Movie without menuand Custom Mode, the Custom Mode allows you to remove unlike part, choose audio or subtitle, and make other customization with real-time preview.

Step 2 Add your DVD content to the program by click the Add how to use light therapy for sad button at the top of the main dgd. Step 3 Click the Options button at the right-bottom of the interface to open the DVD Options what is a com object, from where you can choose DVD playback settings, adjust DVD aspect ratio, select windods format, burning speed, and file location.

Step 4 Click the Next button to open the Ready to burn DVD interface, set menu text, customize menu, and make other changes as you like. It may produce "invalid point" which makes your copying process fail or losing data. Go to Mac Go to Windows. All Topics. Video to DVD. Photo winodws DVD. DVD Tips. CD Burner. Free Download Free Download. Download Now Download Now. Christine Hoq. Part 1. Christine Smith staff Editor. DVD Copy. Copy DVD on Fvd 10 1. Copy DVD on Mac. DVD Copy Software. Copy DVD to Device.

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Part 1. Steps to Copy DVD Windows 7 with Wondershare DVD Creator

Dec 15,  · Step by step how to make a copy of a non-commercial DVD. Step by step how to make a copy of a non-commercial DVD. Jun 20,  · Users with Windows 7 can copy a DVD that plays on all DVD players using Windows DVD Maker. Open Windows DVD Maker and click "Choose Photos and Videos" (unless you already clicked the "Don't show this page again" box on the window previously). This takes you to the main page for Windows DVD Maker. Apr 15,  · I HAVE COPIED OLD VHS VIDEO TAPES ONTO A DVD USING ROXIO THEY WORK FINE. NOW, I WANT TO MAKE A COPIES OF THE ORIGINAL DVD TO GIVE TO MY KIDS AND NOTHING I TRY ALLOWS ME SIMPLY TO COPY THE DVD. WHAT GIVES? ===== If you have the full version of Roxio I would suspect it has an option for copying a non-commercial DVD. If .

Another nice thing about this is that you can put a different picture on a backup of a copy of your DVD, if you don't like what it has on it Like the one in the picture The images are bad quality because they were taken with my iPod, the DVD quality is much better than this. Go to your local movie store and see if you can buy a DVD that you like, or use your own. You will also need to get a pack of 4. I use the canon Pixma MG It will take a few minutes to analyze the DVD.

Then click the name with a DVD picture beside it Not any of the folders. Go to compression and choose Custom Ratio, and slide the bar all the way to the left. LEt this run through hours. You need to save it to your hard drive! Then click the icon that has a folder and a magnifying glass, and find the DVD folder on local dick c.

Click it and press ok. When the button with files and an arrow pointing to a disk get color press it. Then press ok in the next few windows. The burning process will take around hours. Redo step 2, but save into a folder called DVD2, then do this step. Take the freshly burn disk out of your computer, and place it in the DVD tray that came with your printer.

Start the program "CD Labelprint" or any simmilar program that came with your printer. Google search for a picture of the DVD that you are copying, or scan the DVD if it has a good picture, and save it to your desktop. Then open it in your DVD labelling program. For the DVD's I'm using you need to set the circle dimentions to match the ones in the picture.

Then line up the DVD picture so that it fills up the outline. Slide the DVD tray into place in your printer and hit print. Your DVD will come out of the printer with the picture on it. If it is too light, run it through again in a couple minutes give the ink time to dry. This DVD will Function as good as the original, with no noticable loss of quality. The DVD that you buy in a store is usually 8. The printable DVD is only 4.

The quality is almost exactly the same, even though the size has been halved. I hope you enjoyed this instructable and learned something new. Dvd shrink tends to degrade the picture of the dvds to where the gradient colours stand out more and you see a little pixelation. Making dvd backups is not illegal and is actually considered legal under the fair use act Provided you don't sell your backup or distribute the copy to other people.

If everyone could do me a favor I would appreciate it, Could anyone who argued that this instructable was illegal delete their comments? I am doing the same. If the comments are not deleted I am being forced By a non-legal outside force to delete the instructable. I would like to not have to do so. This comment will also be deleted once the other comments are removed.

Reply 8 years ago on Introduction. Reply 10 years ago on Introduction. The argument these days is that you don't OWN the movie, you buy the rights to watch the movie. Several cases dealing with this same thing were successfully prosecuted, although it was on a much larger scale. The point is, the precedence has been set, and if they really wanted to prosecute, they would probably win their case.

My suggestion is to be very careful here. However file sharing them over the internet or redistributing and selling them is illegal. To start with in the past companies that produced DVD backup software have been successfully prosecuted in federal court by the movie industry causing them to cease production of said software.

Also buying does not give you the automatic right to make copies, when you buy any media whether it be music, software, movies or games you enter into an agreement with the company that produces it, as a rule this will include clauses covering making copies or backups of said media most people don't read the agreements but this does not mean they are not bound by them.

As I said just a few words of advice but worth bearing in mind before you suggest to people that they are not breaking the law. I own those DVD's, and wanted to have back-ups in case something went wrong with the originals. More by the author:. About: i enjoy inventing, taking apart electronics, and rebuilding them.

Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Lois 4 years ago. Reply Upvote. I have dial -up! Will this work for my computer or will it take a week to download? Reffner 10 years ago on Introduction. Nostalgic Guy awz Reply 10 years ago on Introduction. Step 6, first sentence: "The DVD that you rent from the store


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