How to make liquid sand nail polish

how to make liquid sand nail polish

DIY Liquid Sand Manicure

May 13, Hi guys!Another nail art video for you!So we see a lot of Liquid Sand nail polishes these days.. I was at the bookstore last week when I saw this set of craf. I did four coats of top coat for the photos below. I also found that top coat changed the colour slightly. It made it less of a blue purple and darker. Get your number - I can easily see why this polish is starting to become the favourite liquid sand polish.

Let this sit out for an hour or two until polish is completely melted. When it seems to be completely liquified stir with the nail polish brush. Question 27 days ago on Introduction. It's already been stated a couple times, but a little repetition never hurt! It will "work" in the sense it will be thinned down and will apply. However, everclear what its like lyrics breaks down the polish hence it being a "remover" and will ultimately ruin your favorite polish es.

In my experience, it will be duller once dried, chip much easier and in time will become gritty to the point of it looking bumpy and terrible on the nail. Always use a thinner made especially for thinning nail polishes. You can get a bottle at a reasonable price at most any beauty supply store or online and it how to block a tremolo on a strat last 'forever'.

More importantly, your polishes stay happy and shiny! All that said Slap a nice glossy protective top coat on it and you're good to go. But if it's one of your favorites, don't do it! Nail polish remover breaks down nail polish, you shouldn't put it in your nail polish, you should use nail polish thinner, it restores your nail polish.

You can probably find it at any drug store or just use a nail polish remover with a high percent of acetone. Also, anime and the Beatles, I don't know a way to make your nail polish dry faster, however, using the acetone in the nail polish didn't make it dry any slower.

For me, it worked the same as it did before it dried out. By bellaf13 Follow. More by the author:. Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Aquaponics for Everyone! Garlic Gardening by DanPro in Gardening. Answer Upvote. Reply Upvote. Sophia3kerr 3 years ago on Introduction. LizzC 5 years ago. Novina 7 years ago. Anime and The Beatles 7 years ago on Introduction.

Introduction: How to Make Dry Nail Polish Work Again

Dec 20, Step 1: Prep your nails! Remove existing nail lacquer then trim and shape nails by filing in one direction only to prevent breakage! Apply cuticle oil, push back cuticles and remove hangnails. Finally, cleanse to remove oil. Step 2: Apply base coat to prime the nail surface, increase lacquer adhesion and prevent discoloration. Step 1: Step 1 For a couple drops of acetone or nail polish remover with % acetone into the bottle. Let this sit out for an hour or two until polish is completely melted. When it seems to be completely liquified stir with the nail polish brush.!!!

I, like you, decided before actually seeing them that I wasn't going to like them. Cheers to us for stepping out of our boxes and trying new things! I haven't tried them yet, but I definitely will.

I think they look pretty both with and without the top coat. My guess is that I'll be wearing them with topcoats though :. Ive got these both and i absoluty love them. They last long even though i work in a shoe shop!! I am loving the Liquid Sand polishes! I can't wait to see more colors they put out with this finish! Love them personally! I like the Liquid Sand a lot more than the regular creme textured polishes coming out because of the glitter also!

Beautiful swatches, as always, but I have to say I'm not a fan of this finish. If nothing else, polishes that require you to not wear a top coat make me worried about the potential wear time Although I'm a top coat person, I think I could step outside my comfort zone with these - they really are very pretty. It's interesting how quickly we can form a biased opinion before knowing all the facts or experiencing things for ourselves.

I have all the liquid sands and I like them a lot. I like that the topcoat really changes the look - it's like having 2 polishes in one. I was right there with you. No way! I can't do matte polish for more than a few hours and my glitters must be perfectly shiny! So glad I tried these because I'm in love! Get Your Number is my fave. And the hexes in Can't Let Go are silver. Found that out when I was cleaning up my cuticles in the shower. The purple flaked right off.

No worries, though. I can't wait to try the Pixie Dust! I have all the opi liquid sands and gumdrops too. I love them. Fastest paint job on the planet. Lasts longer. I take vinylux top coat and go over the tips in varying widths. Wears like gels. Subscribe in a reader. Sunday, February 3, First up, what was your gut feeling about them? Well I just knew I would surely hate them. I mean a rough matte finish with glitters in it, yeah - no thanks. I already have a bunch of 'hungry glitter' polish exactly like that - hello Nubar Sparkles collection.

But when I recently got the opportunity to review two of the Mariah Carey liquid sand polishes, I thought what the hell, lets give these a shot. Well colour me surprised, cause I was pants down shocked when I put each of these little beauties on my fingers.

Can't let go - is a blue toned purple with blue and purple micro glitter and medium sized hexes. I'm not sure if the hexes are light purple or silver and just tinted by the purple base. The polish also has what can only be described and ultra fine sandy grit, or like powdered glass particles if you have ever seen those. The polish dries matte and is very clearly a rough finish. But the rough finish is actually smoother than a regular glitter polish with a rough finish.

If every one's swatches of these they usually show the polish on it's own, and then with top coat on it. So, I did the same, although I did remove it straight after putting the top coat on, because I much preferred its original appearance.

To get these polishes super glossy, you will need a lot of top coat. It is most definitely hungry and keeps soaking in as it dries. I did four coats of top coat for the photos below. I also found that top coat changed the colour slightly. It made it less of a blue purple and darker. Get your number - I can easily see why this polish is starting to become the favourite liquid sand polish. The blue jelly base is just stunning and it's is nicely sheer enough to let the glitters sparkle through, whist still providing good coverage.

In the blue jelly base is both small and micro holographic silver glitter as well as the fine transparent grit. When you wipe your brush on the side of the bottle you can see this transparent grit on the edge of the bottle neck. This is three coats on it's own because this one was a little sheerer than Can't Let Go. These last three photos are taken in the shade. The polish looks nearly the same as it does in the sun because of the matte finish, however you don't see the holographic sparks in these shade photos.

I am still wearing this polish right now, and I haven't put top coat on it cause I just love the way it look. Dry time - this was on the slow side. At two coats for Can't Let Go it tried in slightly slower than average time, but with three coats like on Get Your Number it was certainly quite a bit slower.

You can tell when it isn't dry properly because it still looks glossy and not totally gritty. When it has completely dried these are very matte and quite sturdy. Removal - I was expecting the worse. I didn't put on a PVC base coat so I was really hoping I wouldn't have to get the foil out and soak for 10 minutes.

I tried removing on just one finger and found that it came off very easily, only slightly slower than a normal polish and certainly no where near like a normal glitter polish. No foil method removal required. So there you go. I've just proved to myself that I shouldn't be forming too strong an opinion on something based on other peoples photos and what I think I'm going to think of them. If you haven't tried these Liquid Sand polishes, I would really recommend giving them a go.

I notice you can get a mini set with all four of the liquid sand polishes, I reckon that is a good way to go. I've recently seen a bunch of other brands coming out with textured finishes, but so far most, if not all of them have been creme polishes with the textured finish, not glitters in a jelly or crelly base.

I'm not convinced I would like a creme polish with grit in it, but the proof is right here that I just might like it if I tried it. Have you tried a textured polish yet? What are you feelings about them?

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