How to operate total station instrument

how to operate total station instrument

Total Station

Loosen the horizontal clamp and turn instrument until plate level is parallel to 2 of the leveling foot screws Center the bubble using the leveling screws- the bubble moves toward the screw that is turned clockwise Rotate the instrument 90 degrees and level using the 3rd leveling screw. Turn the total station to zero degrees on the horizontal axis. Position a reflection in the line of sight of the device. Using the EDM functionality, move the reflector until it is the correct distance away from the instrument. This is the point of the coordinates .

Surveying the land before a building is constructed is one of the most important parts of the building process. Before a building project takes place, land surveyors go to the site to determine the suitability of the location. These surveyors use a variety of tools to help them observe and make calculations. Determine the precise positioning of points using a GPS and a receiver.

Using a GPS, a land surveyor can determine exact coordinates for specific locations and record them in the receiver to be reviewed later. Measure, map and observe with the help of a total station. This device is mounted on a tripod and contains a crystal prism used for measuring the distance of objects. Depending on how long it takes for light to reflect, a surveyor can determine how far away certain objects are. The total station can help measure elevations of the how to balance your ph because it can measure both angles and distances.

Store findings in a data collector. The data collector is used to store coordinates found using the GPS, as well as to store the measurements obtained with the total station. Use a magnetic compass to map orientation in the field. Looking at the compass will let you know the orientation of certain objects.

The compass is one of the most common tools used by surveyors. Elyse James began writing professionally in after deciding to pursue a career in journalism. She has written for "The Algonquin Times" as a general assignment reporter and published blogs and articles on Webcitybeat. James holds a Bachelor of Journalism from the University of Ottawa. Share It. Surveying and Copyright Leaf Group Ltd.


Feb 16, The Process of Setting Up Your Total Station. Step 1: Mark the point of reference. The first step in setting up your total station is marking the point of reference. Typically people use a pointed stake to mark a reference point and drive it into the ground. Step 2: Set up tripod and attach tribrach. Next, set up your tripod overtop of the reference point. Here is how to use a total station for this type of action: Position the device at a known point by setting the horizontal circle. Enter the coordinates of the point that you want to stake out (which the device should do automatically). Move the device until the horizontal circle reads zero. Jan 21, Put the Total Station on the Tripod Stand. The approximately level the lower bubble by arranging the three legs of the tripod stand. Then note that there is a horizontal bubble tube, in which the bubble will not be at centre if the total station is not levelled.

Home Equipments Total Station. The total station is a combination of a digital theodolite, an electronic distance measuring device EDM and a microprocessor with a memory unit.

This combination makes it potential to find out the coordinates of a reflector that aligns the instrument crosshairs on the reflector as well as measures the vertical and horizontal angles and slope distances. A microprocessor within the device takes care of recording, studying, and necessary calculations.

Total station or total station theodolite is an electronic or optical device used in modern surveying and building construction. It is an electronic theodolite built-in with a electronic distance meter EDM to read the slope distance from the instrument at a specific level. This eliminates the need for a support staff member as the operator holds the reflectors and controls the total station from the standpoint.

They are used for routine tasks with highly effective built-in software programs and they are cheaper than different types of total stations. Nowadays light-weight, compact and rugged aggregate stations are available which can help surveyors for a regular basis survey work including topographic survey, stacking, management and more.

This instrument is supplied with servo-motors that manage their horizontal and vertical functions. The operator is not required to see the target through binoculars or due to servo-motors to align the prism. This type of device examines the active remote sensing target RMT , locking it and following the target as they move to completely different points. Total stations are used primarily by land surveyors and civil engineers, both to record features in topographic surveys.

They are also used by archaeologists to record excavation, crime scene investigators as well as personal accident reconstruction by police and insurance firms to take measurements of the scene. The total station is used to record the entire site of the tunnel walls, roof, and to function as underground mines.

The recorded information is then downloaded into a CAD program, and then compared with the designed format of the tunnel.

Such upper-level wind information is sometimes used for aviation weather forecasts and rocket launches. It records data on its inbuilt data recorder and produces maps within a short period of time, hence the time consuming would be less and made the survey work easier. Hello, I'm Rahul Patil founder of Constructionor. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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