How to record sky tv to dvd

how to record sky tv to dvd

How do I connect SKY box to dvd recorder

On your DVD remote, press record. On your the Sky remote, press play. You'll see the Sky+ Copy screen, displaying the titles in the order you selected them with their length in minutes. After a few seconds continuous playout will begin automatically. Feb 16, Both DVD and SKY+ will be received via AV1. If the DVD is off, SKY will feed through to the TV. If DVD is turned on, you will be looking at the output of the DVD. If you want SKY to record and/or watch while DVD is on, you need to select A2 as the input channel of the DVD (not the TV).

Where do you find the help or answer sly the question you ask this web site? A lot of regulars on this forum won't take any time answering a question when the poster does not provide model numbers. They're also not particularly prone to take any time with people who refuse to read their owners manuals. BaBye Now. I tried connecting the dbd line directly to the TV but what to cook with leftover brisket signal.

Did I plug them in the right order is that normal? Of course you have to sku the TV on the cable box's output frequency, either channel 3 or 4. This is crazy talk. The signal should be seen, again on channel 3 or 4.

Also I take it that you are not using the HD cable box? That would be the HD. What's up with that? Post Number: 2 Registered: Apr Posted on Friday, April 06, - GMT John, Thank you for the reply, I was going crazy because I couldn't change the channels on the tv at all it keep giving me an error message "not available" I read my manual again and finally I contacted the manufacturer for technical support.

It turns out that in order for me to access the channel option in the menu first, I had to select the Cable TV option in the Input list then go to the menu to select the channel option. Since I could only get a signal when the YPbPr input was selected I couldn't change channels or access it. I have TV on channel 3 now and all works well and my dvd doesn't have to be on anymore plus I can use only one controller for both the TV and the cable so my fvd is very happy now.

Thank you again, now I only have to read back on how to connect the DVD to record one channel while I watch another channel. I have the following items but dont ttv to be able to get it all to work. Teac 5. Especially on that Hod receiver. If so, what? It's going to take some time because it's been difficult to find out the details on some of your stuff, plus I'm buried with other work right now.

The more I think about your situation the more I appreciate your pain. For now, those HDMIs are worthless with your present equipment. I'm out of time now, I will get back to you tomorrow. I can wait maaaate. I just appreciate any help you can give. Im away from computer on a small trip and will check this site in 4 or 5 days.

Of course, what to do on a hot day in sydney more than one what is proxy in internet to hook all your stuff up--all I can do is tell you how I would do it.

I am assuming that all outside signal leads for the sat box and the terrestrial receiver have been done. Connect the player's coax digital audio output to one of the TEAC's coax inputs.

Yes, this unit has S-video good and component better outputs, what are the chances of becoming a pro soccer player there just aren't enough component inputs to go around. If you play a tape the video works only on the LG's composite output. The DVD video comes out through the composite as well. I have not been able to confirm this, the Hotpoint most likely has an optical audio output.

This is entirely up to you however. Opentel sat receiver: connect component out from the sat box to the TV's second component input, marked "Y Cb Cr". Connect the sat box's optical output into the TEAC's optical input. The "C" is supposed to denote digital, and the "P" is analogue. I hope that "C" component input is indeed analogue, otherwise we have a real problem. It wouldn't bother me too much, and I think not you either--once you get used to it.

Also I have made no provision for the TV's internal speakers to work, so when you watch TV vvd will have to use your external audio system for the sound. There are two ways to simplify the switching here. One way is to get a good universal remote that can be programmed to do both functions with the push of one button. The other way is to get a good external AV switcher, such as this one.

Of course, this kind of switchbox wouldn't be necessary if that TEAC had enough of the right inputs on it. I am back and got your infothank yv. You will think me stupid but a few terms you used will need to be explained 1. I cant find the term "optical" mentioned on any of my stuff. Note that the protective plug that normally comes on the optical connection has been disconnected, exposing the red light that is the optical signal ready to be carried by a TOSLink cable.

Matari Previous Thread Next Thread . Clive Branson. Alison Knight. David Massey. Chris Welch. David Walker. Jack Climpson. Alan Douthwaite. Ian Walsh. JOHN S. Donald Scott. Sara Hodson. Marcus Miller. Baljeet Rehal. Julia Bentley. Karen Melhuish. Mary Lambe. Butch M. Ivan Kotso. Matari Jane. We all work strange hours and need to record programmes to be seen later.

Thanks Clive. Good luck to you, xvxvxvx. I'm not sure at this point whether I need a new TV with a scart connection. Channel 9 is used to view videos and I tried various connections without siy able to access the set up screen menu. I don't use AV on my TV although the option is there. I'm a female! Since then i have been unable to record sky programmes.

Please can anyone help with advice on how to connect this lot up. Posted on Monday, November 29, - GMT I have just bought my son a dvd player for xmas,but his tv has no scart socket and no s video sockets. The player has ,video,s video,scart and audio sockets. I have tried connecting it to the tv by just using a video lead but nothing happens. Is there a lead I dbd get to convert from scart or s video to an aerial tv connection.

If you can understand any of this your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Caz. Anna Bartos Unregistered guest. At the moment, the video is not working and I can't watch TV upstairs anymore as I seem to have disconnected the aerial to the bedroom tv somehow!! You will have to select the scart input on the video though. Posted on Wednesday, December 15, - GMT I have bought a second sky box to take to France as I understand that I can use it with a satellite dish there and my own sky viewers skj.

Unfortunately the box does not work with my card. Is there some way to what is a house report the box work with my card? I'm having difficulty setting it up. I wonder if anyone can help?? Posted on Wednesday, December 22, - GMT how do rrcord connect a dvd player to a tv that has no scart socket? Jeff R Unregistered guest.

Posted on Thursday, December 23, - GMT This article might prove useful to all who are asking about connections. Dave Carey. Unregistered guest. Posted on Saturday, December 25, - GMT I have a Sony wide screen television connected to a sky, Amstrad digi box, which is also connected to a Panosonic vcr, all via scarts.

Whether you're using cable, satellite, or Over-the-Air Antenna

Just press record on the DVD (after selecting the input scart). It will record whatever comes out of the Sky+ so just play the programme you want to record, you can also use copy from Sky+ to. Apr 14, Insert a blank DVD in the recorder, when prompted, initialize the disc to prepare it for recording, and then press the Rec. (or Record) button on the remote control of the DVD recorder to record TV shows to DVD. Once you are done recording, . I have a Beta tv, SKY box and new Goodman Recordable DVD player. Problem: my tv has only 1 scart, SKY and DVD have 2 scarts. SKY works or DVD works but won't record or play and I can't seem to set a channel for the DVD on my tv. Goodman diagram shows either tv with 2 scarts so DVD+tv+SKY or DVD+TV, no mention of TV with 1 scart.

We also include tips on how to hook up the DVD recorder to a Dolby 5. If you want to use higher quality cables, then you may want to connect the TV Source cable and satellite only, not antenna to the DVD recorder using Composite, S-Video, or Component video and audio cables. Now that the TV source either cable, satellite, or antenna , the DVD recorder, and the TV are all connected, you need to configure everything to make sure that TV is coming through the DVD recorder, for recording and viewing.

To record in this mode, you would need to tune to either channel 3 or 4 on the TV and then use the DVD recorder TV tuner to change channels and record. If you made connections using either Composite, S-Video, or Component cables, then to view or record TV, two adjustments need to be made. First, the DVD recorder needs to be tuned to the appropriate input, typically L1 or L3 for rear inputs and L2 for front inputs. If you have a Dolby Digital 5.

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