How to start an anime convention

how to start an anime convention

How to start your own anime convention - a chat with the woman behind Zenkaikon

Start by making a budget. Figure out how much money you're going to need for the convention. You'll need to pay for badge, food, and transportation, at a minimum. You may need to pay for a hotel, and everyone wants money to spend in the dealers room. Aug 16,  · Don’t forget to download Amino and search my profile name, Majka (The ID is Valesti), to check out my Stories: F.

There will be no changes to other Yahoo properties or services, or your Yahoo account. You can find more information about the Yahoo Answers shutdown and how to download your data on this help page. All right, me and my friend have been thinking about setting up an anime convention on our own along with our anime club.

We need to know how to start planning the costs to host it ie hotel and vendors along with pannelers. We need first hand knowledge on how to come up with the money and the cost along with how to promote our convention.

We want to start our own because there aren't that many cons in what size bike shoes do i need area Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky [tri-state area]. We'd be planning the con in the Cincinnati area. So if anyone can give us the average cost info on how to get the vendors and people, some numbers so we can contact these people or just some ideas how to tell when ground beef has gone bad u'd like to seen in an anime convention you would be really good help!

The costs will really depend on where you have it, when you have it, holiday weeks will cost more because of increased demand for space what happens there, how many people attend, what famous people you can get, promotion costs, and so on.

Start by checking with various hotels or convention centers for room rates. They'll have some questions anim can guide you through it conventon they do it all the time. Am have to decide how ambitious you want to be cause they'll have different size rooms for different size groups. One of the next things is to start deciding who covnention want to have be the "famous" person.

This can get a little more difficult. Try ro to different directors, voice actors, writers, animators, publishing companies, editors, etc, and try and get the biggest name you can. Lots of them won't answer or want to come. Get used to it. Some of howw people will charge tk appearance fee or request that you pay expenses for them like a flight, hotel room, or food.

Try calling different businesses in the area and look for sponsors, or people willing to give you money to do this. A comic book store, book store, car dealerships, or anyone who might want to get some advertising. Again, lots of people will not want to. Try enticeing them with big names or the number what is the maximum number of people you hope to have attend.

Another way to get money is to sell floor space to comic sgart, movie or collectable retailers. Set up booths and let them sell their stuff conventiion the show. Have a few different sizes of booths and let them pick. Charge more for large booths and have the largest booth be the main sponsor. It'll cost them lots more, but promise them more exposure.

Promotion will be another cost. Conventkon are lots of people that love anime and the like, but you gotta find them and let them know. More than just the 5 guys you hang out with. Some promotion will be free. The internet is sgart great way to get free or cheap ads. Print flyers and put them up in places that are likely to have fans.

Take out ads in the local and major papers or magazines. TV spots are expensive, but effective. Radio is also effective, but much cheaper. Signs or banners are useful. If you get a large sponsor, they will probably help with the advertising because their best return ajime investment will depend on attendance. Finally, to help defray costs, charge a small admissions fee. Too much and people won't pay, too little and you won't make anything. Another sponsor conventioh consider are food companies.

Coke or Pepsi do lots of this kind of stuff. They'll give you cheap or free drinks, machines, cups and the like, as long as their name is all over everything, of course. A fast food anine, local or big name, will also usually be willing to set up a booth, sell convvention food, and give you money for the event. Trending News. Pesky turtle messes with lions — and gets away with it. Recently retired Pats star lands TV gig. As climate anxiety builds, some are opting against kids.

Remains found in search for missing Amish teen. Savannah Guthrie undergoes 'one last' eye surgery. Putin warns of 'quick and tough' response for foes. Biden urged to create policy around bereavement. Answer Save. MattH Lv 4. Hlw, good luck, and sounds like fun. Wish I lived close enough to come!

It depends on many things. I want to ask the same question as the person above. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.


Kosaikon was an anime convention first held in at Villanova University. They started out with 73 attendees, and by had expanded to attendees. Both Kosaikon and Zentrancon wanted to. Sep 16,  · You never know what kind of friends you’ll make at an Anime convention. Maybe they’ll invite you out to a dinner or a party, so keep your schedule open when attending a con by yourself! When you attend a convention with your friends, you can always depend on them to have fun. However when you’re alone, it’s a completely different story. How To Start a Convention. This is an ongoing attempt to build a solid guide for anyone to start their own sci-fi, gaming or anime convention. Trae is a co-founder of No Brand Con and has over fourteen year of experience working conventions. Also, if you like conventions, you should check out my web comic UnCONventional.

Do you get angry having to babysit them at conventions sometimes? For some of you, that might seem intimidating or even impossible. By signing up, you are opting in to The Senpai Newsletter. I will never give away, trade or sell your email address.

You can unsubscribe at any time. Today, I will talk about how you can attend and enjoy an Anime convention by yourself. Personally, I love going to conventions by myself. Being able to do whatever you want, when you want is an incredibly nice feeling! I wrote this post because I genuinely feel you wanting to attend a convention alone can be a great experience. That being said, there are exceptions where I would not recommend going alone, including:.

Follow your own schedule and do whatever you want. You can stay or leave the convention whenever the hell you want. Want to sleep in during Saturday afternoon of a con?

Go ahead! No one will judge you! You have the hotel or lodging room all to yourself. No need to worry about things like waiting to use the washroom or waking up somebody or someone waking you up. The hotel room is entirely yours! You can be as loud or as quiet as you want.

You can throw all your clothes and cosplay on the floor. Far easier to meet and socialize with new people. For some people, going to a convention alone is very refreshing and soothing.

As an introvert myself, I like being on my own after a long day of socializing with others. I get drained and need to be away from people. Sometimes you really need to get away from your inner circle. Those are some of the great things when you attend a convention alone. However, there are some drawbacks…. So save up some money! At times it can feel awkward, lonely and even depressing at a convention.

The worst feeling is when you see everyone around you chatting and having a good time while you feel shut out and alone. When this happens, it can really suck. So now you know the pros and cons of being alone at a convention. As mentioned earlier, this post is meant for conventions outside of your home. Read my guide on how to save money on various things, such as your cosplay , and overall convention budgeting tips.

First you need to find a place to stay during a convention weekend on your own. If you live in North America, the Greyhound and Megabus serve multiple cities and have an extensive bus network to get you there, while the Via Rail and Amtrak are more limited. Taking the plane makes sense if the convention is very far away. If time is something you cannot spare, then take the plane. So taking the plane makes sense for me in a lot of situations. When you attend a convention with your friends, you can always depend on them to have fun.

The onus is on you to have fun and to have a good time. So how do you take advantage of being on your own at a convention? You need to socialize or be open to socializing at the convention. If you want to have fun and not feel lonely at the convention, you need to put yourself out there at the convention.

Part of the fun of going alone to a convention is talking to meeting new people! Fortunately at Anime conventions, there are plenty of opportunities to meet and socialize with your fellow attendees. Some of these include:. Karaoke: singing some Weeb tunes together is fun icebreaker and a way to get to know people! Group photoshoots: Not the private ones that happen occasionally , but the group photoshoots scheduled by the convention organizers.

Cosplay at the convention. You should definitely cosplay to make it easier to socialize with people. So I highly recommend cosplaying at a convention to make it easier to socialize with others. Read my post about making new friends at a con for more details! This is another great way to know the convention and the staff.

Not only can volunteering for a con be fun, but you also get some pretty nice perks when volunteering, such as free swag, food and even a free pass and hotel if you put a lot of hours in. However, most importantly you get to meet new volunteers.

For me, I made a ton of friends at Anime Boston when I volunteered for the con. So those are some various ways to socialize and meet new people at a convention. What else should you know?

Keep your schedule open. Maybe someone at the con will invite you out to a hotel party or out for dinner. Use your hotel room as much as you can e. For the most part, Anime conventions are very safe environments and everyone is out there to have fun. As always, Cosplay Is Not Consent. No one has the right to make you feel uncomfortable. Remember that you can always talk to convention security and staff to get any issue resolved.

Drink responsibility. You need to be extra careful with your stuff. Either carry it with you at all times or drop it in the hotel room ASAP. And there you have it — How to attend a convention alone! Honestly, going on your own is a great and fun way to experience a con. And who knows; maybe you end up enjoying it more than going with your friends all the time. Roger Senpai is a writer that is an expert with the cosplaying hobby.

He has traveled to several cosplay convention in North America and writes various articles regarding cosplay including tips, tricks and ideas. A lot of good points. I am extremely self reliant and confident about it but the opposite I have extreme social anxiety.

The hotel room solo is perfect. Sleep whenever, eat anytime, no one can dirty the room but it does cost a lot. I usually offset the cost of the hotel by getting a night or 2 using hotel loyalty points.

Despite being in cosplay the most interaction I ever received was asked to get my picture taken and the type of person who walks by and says nice costume and merges into the crowd.

Con people really seem to stick to their own mini groups. Glad you agree with me on my points! And you bring up a good point; there should be more networking opportunities at conventions.

It does feel cliquey at some conventions at times. However, some of them do have events like speed friending and speed dating. And if you check out those activities I mentioned like karaoke, those are also opportunities to meet new friends. About The Author. Roger Senpai Roger Senpai is a writer that is an expert with the cosplaying hobby.

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