How to treat freckles on face

how to treat freckles on face

How To Lighten Freckles Natural Remedies + Treatment Options

Jan 02, What Are The Treatment Options For Freckles? Chemical Peels: This treatment method helps to remove freckles by exfoliating the sun-damaged skin in a controlled manner. Dermatologists recommend an advanced aesthetic treatment using medium depth chemical peels containing either glycolic acid or TCA that penetrate beyond the surface layers of skin to remove freckles. The freckled . Mar 18, Mix a little honey with apple cider vinegar in the right proportions. Apply this mixture evenly on freckles or desired skin areas. Do a gentle massage, then let it sit for about 20 minutes, then rinse with clean water. You will see a noticeable reduction in skin freckles after using a honey and apple cider vinegar mixture for a while.

The pictures displayed here are approved and authorized by few of our actual clients, to be used for reference.

These clients do not personally endorse the services or treatments. Freckles are a type of harmless pigmentation that predominantly occur on the face. If you how to treat freckles on face to remove them, there are several promising procedures available to help you achieve the desired results. Read this article to know more about the causes, types and treatment for freckles. Freckles are tiny, brown or tan flat spots on the skin that primarily affect light-skinned people.

They form in abundance on the face, but they may appear on any sun-exposed area of the body. They are neither harmful nor painful. Freckles or ephelides closely resemble the solar lentigines. The former occurs as a result of excess production of melanin while the latter is a result of an increase in the number of melanin-producing cells, i. Freckles are a result of a genetic predisposition and sun damage caused due to excessive exposure to UV rays.

The skin absorbs UV rays and produces excess melanin that results in pigmentation in small patches. Typically, people who are fair-skinned, with light eyes and blond hair, are more susceptible to the damaging effects of the sun and subsequent formation of freckles. It is better to prevent freckle formation than go for remedial treatment later.

People with known hereditary tendencies should start sun protection early, as sun damage due to UV rays often occurs in childhood. If you notice an unexpected discolouration on a particular area of skin or there is a sudden increase in the number of freckles, then seek immediate medical attention. Also, if you observe any unusual or persistent change in your skin, then consult a dermatologist before your skin condition becomes severe.

It is advisable to consult a doctor for treating any spot on your skin as there might be a remote possibility of these being cancerous. Chemical peel treatment for freckles may come at a price range between Rs and Rswhile laser treatment for it may cost from Rs to Rs Topical creams for reducing freckles may involve an expenditure between Rs and Rs The cost of freckle treatment is subjective and varies from person to person based on several factors like- the severity of the skin condition, what does herpes outbreak look like on a man underlying health conditions, the skin type, the target area, what to pack for cancun mexico vacation modality of treatment, the experience of the dermatologist and the reputation and location of the clinic.

Sunspots appear due to overexposure to the sun and ageing. They predominantly affect older people. These spots come in different shapes, colour, and sizes. Unlike freckles, sunspots have an uneven pattern and commonly occur on arms and hands. Freckles are smaller in size and tend to fade or disappear when you limit your sun exposure.

Moles and freckles are not the same, although a mole is also a skin lesion or a dark brown spot on the skin it is a collection of melanocytes rather than melanin. Moles can be flat or raised and can vary from brown to black to tan, but freckles are always flat and brown in colour. Flatter moles are often darker than freckles and are not necessarily caused by sun exposure. Melasma is a patchy brown, tan, or blue-grey skin discolouration, which typically appears on the cheeks and nose.

Unlike freckles, melasma affects dark-skinned people who suffer from excess sun exposure. Melasma occurs in association with several genetic, nutritional and hormonal factors. Now you know all about the various treatment options for reducing freckles. Go ahead and consult an experienced dermatologist at a reputed skin clinic and find out the treatment suitable for you so that you can bid your freckles farewell forever! She has a rich experience of over 11 years in performing advanced laser treatments for hair reduction, skin resurfacing and skin lightening, scar and anti-ageing how to make stacked hair bows with spikes. She also specialises in offering hair regrowth treatment and non-invasive body contouring service.

She has been exemplary in introducing clinical marvels and enhancing the quality of care at Oliva and making it at par with global standards. She imparts extensive training to dermatologists dj kolya how to love lyrics therapists and helps them keep abreast with the latest technological innovations in the industry.

Awarded for her research at the AP state conference, she has participated and presented papers at many prestigious national and international dermatology seminars. She is passionate about offering revolutionary skin and hair care treatments using the science of transformation and providing nothing but the best results for all Oliva clients.

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Book Appointment. Facts Checked. In This Article Show Hide. Speak To Our Expert Please enter your contact information. What Are Freckles? What Causes Freckles? The following are the presenting signs of freckle formation: It is present on sun-exposed areas; the central part of the face is the most common site. It comprises of small spots ranging in colour from light brown to dark brown.

Appears more prominently in summers and fades away in winters. Primarily affects fair-skinned people. May involve any age group from children to the elderly. Usually harmless, how to treat freckles on face if present on abnormal sites, e. W hen To See A Doctor? Chemical Peels: This treatment method helps to remove freckles by exfoliating the sun-damaged skin in a controlled manner.

Dermatologists recommend an advanced aesthetic treatment using medium depth chemical peels containing either glycolic acid or TCA that penetrate beyond the surface layers of skin to remove freckles. The freckled layers start to peel away while generating new skin free from discolouration or pigmentation. Your dermatologist may advise against direct sun exposure and recommend the use of sunblock along with other topical medication post-treatment.

Must Watch: Laser Treatment: It is one of the most popular methods to remove freckles. Dermatologists use laser light of specific wavelength to precisely target the excess melanin without harming the surrounding skin, thus safely eliminating freckles.

Q-switched Nd:YAG laser and nm laser are famous for the treatment of freckles. Must Watch: Cryosurgery: Cryosurgery uses liquid nitrogen to freeze the pigmented spots on the skin to treat these freckles. On application, the liquid nitrogen forms a blister by causing controlled damage to the skin and removes excess melanin.

IPL uses bursts of high-intensity polychromatic light of various wavelengths to target areas abundant in melanin content in contrast to lasers which utilise a single what does isosceles mean in math of light. Sun Protection: Using adequate sun protection with sunscreen is mandatory for the treatment of freckles as they can prevent recurrence and help in maintaining the results achieved after various treatments.

OTC And Topical Medication: Creams or gels containing retinoids, kojic acid, arbutin and azelaic acid can help lighten superficial freckles on the skin. Though they are available without a prescription, it is advisable to consult your dermatologist before using them. These might help to fade freckles with regular use and work best when used in conjunction with sun protection creams.

Are Melasma And Freckles Same? Common Questions Is laser treatment safe for freckles? Yes, laser treatment for freckles is entirely safe as it only targets the pigmented area trip to mars how long skin without how to get free koodo ringtones the surrounding skin.

Is laser treatment for freckle removal painful? No, laser freckle removal treatment is not painful. Clients may feel a heat sensation during the session, which subsides with the application of cold compress post-treatment. Who is a suitable candidate for freckle treatment? Anyone with freckles above 18 years of age can safely avail a freckle treatment. The treatment applies to both men and women.

How many sessions does a client require? The number of sessions required for your freckle treatment may vary depending on the extent of involvement.

Your doctor will conduct a detailed skin analysis to identify the severity of the skin condition, the number of freckles, and the strength of discolouration in those spots. Dermatologists usually recommend four to six sessions.

Are there any possible side effects? There are no significant side effects caused by freckle treatment. You may notice mild redness in the treated area, which will last for an hour or so post-treatment.

Mild scabs may appear at the treated sites which will fall off within a day or how to capture flash video stream. Do freckles come back after laser treatment?

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Jul 13, Aloe vera has been considered as an age-old staple recipe for treating the freckles. A kind of component called Aloesin present in the aloe vera is much responsible for clearing out the freckles from the skin. Just pluck the aloe vera leaves and extract the juice from there and then simply use the juice on the affected areas.

The home remedy here will help you get rid of freckles naturally. But before we get into it, a few things about freckles. Freckles can be a blessing and a curse at the same time. Ephelids or freckles are small yellow-brown pigmented dermatoses that usually appear on the face, hands, arms, neck, shoulders. In spring, under the influence of sunlight, freckles intensify. Freckles usually occur in the areas that are more exposed to the sun, such as the face, arms, neck, back, or chest, and are the result of excess melanin, the pigment that colors the skin and hair.

This is why we see an explosion in freckles when springtime arrives. This excessive production of melanin can in turn be caused by unprotected sun exposure and genetic factors. Genetics also contributes to freckles. The MC1R gene dictates the type of melanin secreted by the skin, which can be eumelanin or pheomelanin. People with dark hair, skin, and eyes usually secrete eumelanin and are therefore are less likely to get freckles. In contrast, people with light hair, skin, and eyes blonde, red, white skin, and blue or green eyes secrete more pheomelanin and are more prone to freckles.

Another factor that can contribute to the appearance of freckles is hormonal treatments, as is the case with oral contraceptives. There is no general treatment for freckles that works for everybody. Under medical supervision, one can take vitamin P. This vitamin had a photo-protective effect, which means it protects the sun against the effects of the sun and prevents freckles. The first thing that you can do to get rid of freckles is to avoid or reduce sun exposure.

For this, use a natural sunscreen that has propolis extract as the main component. Or more simply, apply castor oil on the freckled skin before exposing it to the sun.

For this remedy you will need:. This home remedy for freckles has actually helped many people get rid of freckles on the face and other parts of the body. It does work, but you have to be consistent and have a positive mindset. Some love it, some consider it a skin flaw. Which one are you? This is my take on freckles. When you release the thoughts of unacceptance related to the freckles on your face, you are then ready to let them go.

What you resist, persists. Embrace your unique beautiful skin and love yourself madly and deeply. Instead, all of our flaws transform into divine gifts. They are all here to help you grow, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Choose not to fight your own nature, but embrace it. We really hope that the home remedy for freckles here will help you to get rid of freckles naturally and for good.

Let us know how you managed to get rid of freckles in the comments below! Much healing energy to you. She believes in the natural healing power of plants, as her ancestors used to, in the Danube Valley, Eastern Europe. Her passion for alternative medicine and home remedies has made her a self-taught naturopathy enthusiast.

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