How to use fresh mint in baking

how to use fresh mint in baking

5 Creative ways to cook with fresh mint

Jun 25, †∑ Great in both sweet and savory dishes, fresh mint can be utilized in recipes for meat, pasta, desserts, and beyond. And since it thrives in both warm and cool climates, you can enjoy mint's bold flavor nearly year-round. 1 of 11 Azalina's Mint Chicken CurryAuthor: Isadora Baum. 10+ Ways to Use Fresh Mint | Allrecipes.

Fresh mint leaves go beyond merely garnishing desserts. This hardy herb can add a refreshing and unique flavor to many of your spring and summer meals, from savory dishes such as tabbouleh to sweet treats and dessert recipes like mint chocolate chip cookies. Here are five creative ways to cook with fresh mint. Boasting a vibrant flavor, it is a fun change for pasta and is especially good when paired with lamb.

Fresh parsley may be your go-to herb when it comes to adding herbalicious taste to your meals, but fresh mint will give what are airplane tires made of favorite recipes even more palate-pleasing flavor. Bulgur, which can be found in the bulk section of your local whole foods store, comes alive with uxe mint, citrus and tomatoes. Mint and pineapple are a surprisingly delicious combination for a fruity side salad to accompany grilled meats or as a healthy min breakfast dish to dollop with honey-flavored Greek-style yogurt.

Grapefruit and mint creme brulee Red wine braised pears with mint mascarpone Cherry mint cocktail. View All. Tags cookie recipes mint recipes Salad Recipes.

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Tomatoes take on a depth of flavor when baked with garlic and mint. Serve the juicy mixture on crusty bread or crackers spread with goat cheese for a mint-laced appetizer or light dinner.

This rich and creamy dip, a fun spin on the popular mint julep drink, tastes delightful on pastries or crackers. Here we paired it with grilled doughnuts. You also could spread the minty cream cheese mixture on bagels. This hearty salad is loaded with bulgur, chicken, and chickpeas, while chopped mint leaves help give it a burst of freshness.

You can count on this dish to keep you satisfied for hours! Get your tortilla chips ready! A must-try for guacamole lovers, this recipe unites mint leaves and avocado to make a cool, fresh dip. You'll be dunking chips in no time! Fresh mint leaves bring a pop of flavor to this mouthwatering summer salad starring juicy melon, toasted pita bread, and pomegranate seeds.

Thanks to this pea-filled pesto, a helping of veggies has never been tastier! Stir in chopped mint leaves just before serving to complement the combo of peas, olive oil, and garlic. Meet your new go-to chicken dinner recipe! Cover grilled chicken breasts with a Greek yogurt and mint sauce for a creamy and fresh dish that everyone at your table will love. Make a mint julep that's worthy of the Kentucky Derby in just 10 minutes! Be sure to muddle the mint leaves before shaking to give your julep the best flavor.

What could be more refreshing than a frosty dessert recipe made with cool mint? The Italian version of sherbet, sorbet contains no dairy. You're just four ingredients away from enjoying this fresh, juicy watermelon salad! Torn mint leaves are balanced with the richness of feta cheese, and olive oil acts as a simple dressing.

This salad is filled with good-for-you summer squash and fresh mint and arugula. Serve it up as a side dish in the summer, or even a light and refreshing lunch. You don't have to use red wine to make sangria a hit! This version combines a semi-dry white wine with honeydew melon, cucumber slices, and fresh mint leaves for a light and cool drink that's perfect for a summer day.

Break out of your usual dinner routine and try adding this cucumber-mint jelly to lamb chops or salmon tonight. Keep a couple jars in your pantry to dress up dinner whenever you want! Part of a trio of flavors topping this low-carb grilled swordfish, mint brings a cooling effect and helps balance sweet saffron and tart citrus.

Forget about using basilóthis version with mint and arugula puts a fresh new spin on classic pesto. Spread it across veggies, such as green beans or grilled zucchini, or lamb or pork to add a fresh burst of flavor to dinner tonight.

Arugula tossed with chopped mint leaves compose the leafy base of this tangy citrus and cranberry salad. Grated ginger provides a warm contrast to the mint. Two herbs are better than one in this green bean and mint side dish.

Shredded basil and mint leaves bring on the flavor, while chopped red sweet pepper visually pops against the green veggies. The fresh herb is a sweet contrast to spicy habanero chile peppers, resulting in a minty pepper jelly you can enjoy as a meat glaze or as a cracker dip over cream cheese.

Upgrade your Arnold Palmer into a party-worthy cocktail recipe with a hint of mint and a splash of vodka. Follow our video for the recipe. Froyo never tasted fresher! Our Greek frozen yogurt recipe is a healthy take on mint ice cream. Serve the frosty dessert on a hot day or after a spicy meal.

Hints of mint garnish our stunning fruit salad that bursts with color and flavor. Make it richer with decadent, creamy feta cheese. Not your everyday lime bars, our mojito bars have a little something that packs big flavor: mint! The nutty pecan crust gives a pleasant crunch to the creamy, tart lime-and-mint filling. Enjoy an adult beverage loaded with relaxing mint flavor and aroma. Our mint mojito recipe is so easy you can make it yourself in just 10 minutes. We marinated red snapper fillets in mint so you can taste the freshness of the herb in every tender, buttery bite.

Garnish with snipped mint leaves and juicy lemon slices. Tomatoes take on a depth of flavor when baked with garlic and mint. Serve the juicy mixture on crusty bread or crackers spread with goat cheese for a mint-laced appetizer or light dinner.

Fresh Mint Recipes. June 09, Save Pin FB ellipsis More. Mint Julep Dip. Infuse your meals with cool, refreshing flavor using our fabulous fresh mint recipes. We've collected our top minty main dishes, appetizers, drinks, and desserts so you can enjoy the calming taste and aroma for which the versatile herb is known.

Start Slideshow. View Recipe this link opens in a new tab. Learn our tips and tricks for preserving your fresh herbs! Bulgur Salad with Chickpeas, Feta, and Mint. Mint Avocado Dip. Melon and Herb Bread Salad. Pea and Mint Pesto.

Chicken with Minted Yogurt Sauce. If you're a mint julep lover, you'll definitely want to try these twists on the classic drink. Mojito Sorbet. Watermelon-Mint Salad. Quinoa Salad with Squash and Mint. Cucumber Sangria. Try more of our fresh and fruity sangria recipes! Arugula-Mint Pesto.

Fresh Citrus and Cranberry Salad. Habanero-Mint Jelly. Mint Greek Frozen Yogurt. Blackberry Salad with Creamy Feta. Pecan-Crusted Mojito Bars. Diy Mojito. Learn to make other classic cocktails at home with these easy recipes. Slow-Baked Tomatoes with Garlic and Mint. Replay gallery. Pinterest Facebook. Up Next Cancel. Share the Gallery Pinterest Facebook. Skip slide summaries Everything in This Slideshow.

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