How to wear hair slides

how to wear hair slides

Hairstyles for Hair Sticks

Jun 28,  · Grab a two-inch section of hair right at your part, split it into three even sections, and begin creating a classic three-strand braid. 2. As you work your way down the hair, slide a . Clip a small hole in a sock (the size of the sock bun will be determined by the size of the sock) and roll from the toes up. 2. Gather hair high up on head, around the crown, and secure with ponytail holder. 3.

As a something fashion editor, I thought my days of scrunchies, butterfly clips, and thick headbands were well and truly behind me—banished to a dark corner of my closet alongside my illegally short high school skirt and blazer. That was until about a month ago when the resurgence of the '80s scrunchie seen all over the runways and in the strands of my favorite fashion influencers impelled me to purchase a pretty pastel pink one.

Fellow fashion editor and friend Ally Payer also twisted wwear arm after she took the trend for a spin. And while it's certainly not a regular attendee at work, it does happen to look super cute when thrown up in a high bun on the weekend. But it's not just scrunchies stealing the limelight. In fact, chic and old-school hair accessories have been making a major comeback.

And the trend shows no sign of slowing down for the fall season either. The Insta set has inevitably been putting trendy hair accessories on the fashion map too—tying silk scarves as headbands, fastening their ponytails with ribbons and french barrettesand sweeping bangs back with metallic slides. Hair accessories that unquestionably look chic at every age. Ready to be inspired?

Scroll below for the biggest hair accessory trends and how to wear them. From silk scarves tied as headbands to stretchy leather pieces and the return of the stretch comb, it's time to slick back your strands in one of this season's must-have accessories. Whether you call them claw clips or crocodile clips, the '90s what is a puc number hair accessory is back.

On the bonus side, what was once a post-shower solution for damp hair can now be worn from work to cocktail bar. The perfect way to wear this season's hair slides and barrettes are as multiples. Opt for something sparkly, embellished, and showstopping. Silk scarves offer a chic and unique way to tie back a low ponytail in style. Opt for something understated for work or go bold and bright when you're off-duty. Max Mara sashayed models down the runway in statement metallic monogrammed hair clips, hoq Chanel tucked floral pearl motifs under high topknots.

Trust us—it's the best remedy for a bad hair day. Three decades later and scrunchies are well and truly taking center stage again. Time to welcome your favorite childhood accessory back into your life. Up next, allow us to reintroduce slidse to these hair accessories. What is candidiasis of mouth Clips. Hair Slides. Silk Scarves. Hair Clips. Explore More: Accessories Commerce. Related Lsides.

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According to Kate Middleton, Nicole Kidman, and a slew of influencers at fashion week , hair accessories are back. So we called in some barrettes to see how they would look on Cut staffers with different types of hair. There are a few things that make this hairstyle look modern rather than infantile. First, the barrette is not plastic but metal, with clean, simple, Celine spring vibes. Secondly, twisting your hair back from your face is easy and very flattering — it really frames your features in a pretty way.

It shows off the length and texture of your hair in a decorative way, unlike a boring office bun. My hair is slippery and almost comically straight ; it only holds a curl because I have systematically asked my colorist to rough it up with bleach and glaze on a regular basis. This Marc Jacobs barrette features a bobby-pin style clamp that actually — gasp — stayed in my hair.

It felt a little heavy, and the crystal detailing felt like someone had broke a tiara up into pieces, Cady Heron—style, and stuck one of those shards onto my head. This is, for me, both a positive and a negative. You tried, little buddy. As far as barrettes go, I think giant ones are the only kind I can pull off. Last year I bought a few tiny, pretty barrettes that I saw a former colleague wearing, but every time I put them in my hair they looked ridiculous because A they did not hold any hair in place and B they got lost in my curls so it just looked like I had something shiny stuck in my hair.

I really like these barrettes, though. I really hope big barrettes make a huge and lasting comeback. Large hair accessories are perfect for someone like me, who is lazy but strives to be interesting-looking. A large barrette like this moon clip can make a daily uniform of jeans and a sweater seem much more put-together, or at the very least, more intentional. I have a few barrettes from middle school that have somehow survived countless moving trips and are now settled at the bottom of whatever bin I put my miscellaneous accessories in.

Trying this was a great way to see if I should finally Marie Kondo them or put them into my rotation. I chose a skinny velvet black bow with pearls. It was cute but still felt sophisticated, almost like an adult version of the ones I wore when I was young. Personally, I think I can pull this off! My Instagram feed lately is filled with somethings wearing hair accessories. The effect is stylish — but seemed limited to the under crowd.

Then I went to lunch with Olivia Kim and saw that she had pearl Simone Rocha clips placed haphazardly on the back of her head. It was cool but still age-appropriate, and it made me reconsider the look. It highlighted my tired face and I swore it made my eye-bags more pronounced. But I took a note from Kim and placed two sleek clips deliberately askew on the back of my head.

From the front it looked like I had brushed my hair backward, with loose tendrils framing my face, and from the back, it had a cool, haphazard effect. I have a lot of fine, blonde hair. I loved the idea and look of a big barrette taking up a lot of real estate on a lob. The two barrettes I styled together, which were from Marc Jacobs and Alexandre de Paris, definitely got the job done.

The upside was that both pieces clipped into my hair easily and stayed in place the entire day. The downside was the price point. But overall, I am definitely Team Barrette!

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