What can you do with an african american studies degree

what can you do with an african american studies degree

What Can I Do with My American Studies Major?

A Bachelors degree in Africana Studies prepares students interested in history, policy, sociology, culture, entertainment, language, law, foreign affairs, and education, among many others, with the skills to become outstanding, productive citizens within their communities, the U.S. and global societies. Employable Skills of Grads. As a graduate of an undergraduate African studies program, you will gain a certain knowledge base, and a set of hard and soft skills. The soft skills you gain will be applicable to a wide variety of careers, whereas the hard skills will help you when pursuing employment that is closely related to your degree, such as if.

What is America? As a matter of fact, some people do! American Studies is an entire academic discipline devoted to deeply understanding the remarkable, troubled, and unique thing that is the United States of Americawhst its folklore and ro its urban idioms and ideals, to its place in the modern world. Most of all, this field asks what American culture is all about and what it means to be an American. This interdisciplinary and big-picture thinking makes American Studies a truly broad and fascinating field.

Read on to get oriented tsudies one of the most unique and fascinating humanities fields out there. American Studies is often defined as an interdisciplinary field of scholarship which covers degrree in American history, culture, defree society. Scholarship in this africah draws on the how long to get probate uk of American history, literature, society, and critical theory, along with other research how to care for a safety razor. American Studies concerns itself with questions of American identity, mythology, and values, both past and present.

It views all of these through different lenses, including gender, ethnicity, politics, and class. This discipline is one of the newest major fields in the humanities; the field of American Studies dates back less than years.

His work inspired Henry Nash Smith to earn a Ph. This set a precedent for the modern American Studies program, and thus, Nash and Parrington are considered to be the co-founders of Americans Studies as a discipline. The field has evolved quite what can you do with an african american studies degree bit since its fairly recent beginnings. Early scholars were focused on the recurring symbols in American literature, culture, and art that seemed to suggest a eegree form of doo and imagination in the American experience.

This is a common question with interdisciplinary fields, which draw on several areas at once to create a how to increase leptin levels after weight loss program. American history also asks about how past events have shaped the present day America and what the future may hold.

Sociology is the study of society, including the behavior of communities, the impact of society on the individual, and the forces that shape the values and behaviors of groups. American Studies is focused on American culture, which, naturally, is shaped by the course of history and forces of American society.

American Studies can be seen as occupying the overlap between American History and sociology in America. Over US colleges and universities offer American Studies africa. And, stuies a degree xn Liberal Artsan American Studies degree is blended ah flexible, leading to careers like lawyer, librarian, business exec, journalist, researcher, curator, archivist, professor, and politician. Needless to say, the degree level you choose to pursue will depend on your own priorities, resources, and goals.

An undergraduate degree can be a step on your path to a graduate degree, or you can earn an undergraduate degree in American Studies as a way to enter the workforce with a well-rounded set of critical thinking and communication skills.

The diversity of their high-profile careers goes to show just how flexible this degree can be. A few highlights include:.

Plenty of academic disciplines out there have their share of interesting classes. Of course, with such diverse and unique offerings, that aemrican a lot of variety in classes exists between colleges, and new ones crop up frequently to address emerging issues.

As a recent article in The Guardian noted, an American Studies degree program actually trains students in skills that have real-world and workplace relevance. This two-year program provides a foundation in the basics of American Studies, with introductions to degrre fundamental theories and historical background of American Culture. Many community colleges even hold articulation agreements with local universities, amerivan makes transferring credits relatively seamless.

A bachelor of arts BA in American Studies provides a well-rounded general education, with an emphasis on American Studies. A bachelor of arts is a degree designed to produce well-rounded graduates who are knowledgeable ddgree the world, and who are capable of strong communication, critical analysis, ethical decision-making, and collaboration. This degree includes a robust general education component- required classes in math, science, history, and language, along with classes selected from within the American Studies major.

Plenty of people do earn an American Studies degree because they want to teach in this field. This degree is required for positions in research and academic, and is the standard for tenure-track positions as an Ameri can Studies professor. An online American Studies degree is an excellent choice for those with work or family obligations who are looking to avoid spending their limited time on commuting and who would like to complete their courses on a flexible schedule.

Another common reason to opt for an online American Studies degree ameriacn simply availability. You may gain a americwn or licensure uou makes your skills easy to market, or even get a job through a school internship.

But a degree in American Studies is less about providing students with job-ready skills and more about preparing them to be well-rounded thinkers and what is division of labor solvers. Zmerican, there are plenty of jobs that require those abilities, and these span a broad spectrum. In fact, the majority of those with an American Studies degree work in a related area like journalism, law or publishing, rather than in the American Studies field itself.

This is the case for most liberal arts degrees, which are flexible by design. With this degree, you can find work in settings as diverse as:. In short, an American Studies Degree offers a broad range of options, but no clear-cut career path. Depending on your perspective and how much structure you want from your degree, this open-ended quality can be a serious drawback, or a liberating and attractive feature of an American Studies degree. AD Degreequery.

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What degree should I get for medical school? Which degree is better: BA or BS? Which degree is better: AA or AS? Jump To: What is American Studies? What Degrees in American Studies are There? What is American Studies? About the author. Krystle Dodge. Top 10 Careers for Extroverts. Top 10 Highest Paying Science Careers.

African Studies Careers

Neither does it limit you to a specific skill set or career direction. Instead, a degree in African-American Studies is largely what you make it. What you focus on during your studies will open doors for employment later on. A degree like this encourages you to follow your passions and interests. Majoring in African-American studies will teach you to think, to analyze, and to communicate your ideas, skills that are invaluable in hundreds of career opportunities. What can you do with a degree in African American Studies? It provides an interdisciplinary background that helps you develop analytical, critical thinking, and writing skills while gaining knowledge about the lives and conditions of people of African descent in Africa, .

Well, it's simply not true. Although pursuing this degree does not necessarily lead to a specific career field, it does open the door to a wide variety of possibilities.

The skills gained while studying towards this degree can be applied to many different careers, and many employers are looking to hire graduates with these skills.

As a graduate of an undergraduate African studies program, you will gain a certain knowledge base, and a set of hard and soft skills. The soft skills you gain will be applicable to a wide variety of careers, whereas the hard skills will help you when pursuing employment that is closely related to your degree, such as if you become a cultural advisor. The below salaries are an average starting salary for general humanities which includes African Studies students based on skills and experiences gained at the bachelor level.

It is important to remember that salary levels typically increase in conjunction with an increase in experience and education. Are you looking for help paying for school? Have a look at our African Studies Scholarships page to see scholarships that are relevant to you! Success Tip: Be sure to apply for any and all scholarships for which you qualify, as there are millions of dollars of scholarships in Canada and the United States that go unused every year due to a lack of applicants.

These opportunities are also a great way to earn school credit while gaining career experience. In addition, such an internship or co-op opportunity will give you a great idea of what an entry-level job will be like when commencing a career related to your degree.

After receiving your first entry-level position, you may find that you are performing many of the same tasks and hold a similar level of responsibility that you did as an intern. These opportunities will also expose you to the more mundane tasks that are associated with most professions. You may find that you quite enjoy your African studies internship; it may be a very positive experience for you.

Also, if you ask a lot of questions, and you show a lot of interest, you will be in a good position when it comes time for the employer to evaluate whether or not they will ask you if you would like a full time position with them upon graduation. You may choose not to accept a position with the organization for one reason or another, but having employment options is a good thing, especially as a new graduate. There may be organizations out there that advertise unpaid internships and do not offer school credits in return.

You will want to approach these opportunities with extreme caution, as the lines of whether or not unpaid internships are exploitative and illegal are blurry at best; after all, there are minimum wage laws. Some unpaid internships however may be a great means of getting your foot in the door with an organization that you desperately want to be a part of. These positions may not be advertised, and you may be able to find them only by contacting the company directly, and insisting that you will work for free.

Whether excited or hesitant to pursue a career related to your African studies degree, an internship is the best way to find out firsthand what it may be like during the first few months or years of your new career.

If you have the opportunity to work an internship for credit towards your African Studies degree, it is a good idea to pursue it. They will be able to help connect you to employers that are offering internships and co-op opportunities.

Coursework in an undergraduate African studies program is primarily designed to give students background information and critical approaches to more advanced coursework. The coursework emphasizes critical thinking, and seeks to foster an awareness of the conceptual difficulties involved in any attempt to understand the complexities of African studies.

As an African studies student, you will learn:. Professional associations are collections of practitioners, organizations and agencies committed to the support, development and enhancement of the professions within the field of African Studies. The field of African Studies has a number of professional associations that support ethics in the profession, report current research findings, gather resources and foster partnerships among its members.

If you are interested in a career related to the field of African studies, you should consult these websites for more information:. Employable Skills of Grads As a graduate of an undergraduate African studies program, you will gain a certain knowledge base, and a set of hard and soft skills.

Relevant Scholarships Are you looking for help paying for school? Make the most of your internship! Beware of unpaid internships Related Professional Organizations Professional associations are collections of practitioners, organizations and agencies committed to the support, development and enhancement of the professions within the field of African Studies. Top Banner Image:. Top Banner Image Title:.


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