What does mean by taylor swift mean

what does mean by taylor swift mean

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May 15,  · However the lesson from Taylor Swift’s “Mean” is how criticism, pain, bullying, bad days and bad feelings can be the inspiration for some of mankind’s greatest achievements. Criticism and bulling can motivate us, and make us better lovealldat.coms: hey he song "Mean" is about, well, when you do what I do, which is you put yourself out there for a lot of people to say whatever they want about it, there are a million different opinions from a .

A lot has happened in so far, and now we can add a surprise album from Taylor Swift to the mix. That's right, in the early hours of July 23,Swift announced she'd drop her eighth studio album, Folklore, when the clock strikes midnight on July Who saw that coming, right? Honestly, it seems like Swift herself didn't even have advanced warning that her muse was ready to strike, either.

And that thing is my 8th studio album, Folklore. Surprise," the singer's Instagram post about the album read. The Grammy winner also confirmed that the album has 16 tracks, including an additional song on the physical record. What's especially cool about this new album? She collaborated with a long list of influential musicians, including The National's Aaron DessnerBon Iver, as well as members of her "musical family" like Jack Antanoffthe post confirmed.

Of course, how to toast a girl on the street won't know the full message behind Swift's music until she addresses it directly. However, when trying to decipher it, the album title is a sensible place to start.

So what does Folklore mean? Before we go further, let's take a look at the definition of folklore. One meaning is "an often unsupported notion, story, or saying that is widely circulated," according to Merriam-Webster's Dictionary. So what did Taylor Swift have to say about the album title? Although she didn't discuss it in the announcement postshe did confirm what inspired the work. She even came out against President Donald Trump tweeting in May"After stoking the fires of white supremacy and racism your entire presidency, you have the nerve to feign moral superiority before threatening violence?

We will vote you out in November. We're not sure if politics inspired a large part of Folklorebut there are some song titles on the album that suggest this theme, like "The Last Great American Dynasty" and "Hoax. Of course, we could all use some good old-fashioned escapism through fairy tales, and there is a chance we may get that on Folklore.

Another meaning of "folklore" per Merriam-Webster translates to "traditional customs, tales, sayings, dances, or art forms preserved among a people.

And for the record, Swift's Instagram post does imply she wants to put positivity out into the world as soon as possible. Titles that reflect this possible brighter meaning include "Peace" and "Epiphany. However, there is no way of knowing what her intended meaning is until she tells us, either explicitly or through song. Speaking of Swift's insight, shortly after the album's release, she confirmed that the record is a result of letting her "imagination run wild. I've told these stories to the best of my ability with all the love, wonder, and whimsy they deserve.

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Jun 21,  · The song “Mean” is about someone treating another person terribly. It’s also the victim’s promise to succeed in her life. Singer, Taylor Swift, writes many popular songs about relationships. Taylor Swift Wanna-be from Markham, Ontario I think that whoever says Taylor Swift can't sing should go walk off a cliff. When I first heard Mean, knowing she always writes her lyrics based on real things, I was unimpressed she even HAD to write the song, because she is amazing at singing and deserves no discrimination for it. Oct 18,  · Taylor Swift’s Best Subliminals About “Mean” Swift wrote “Mean” in response to music critic Bob Lefsetz, who gave her a cruel review after a February performance with Stevie Nicks.

Trigger Random Notes 50 Comments. Since the song has become an international anti-bullying rallying cry, thousands of students have come here looking to research the song on mandatory school assignments. College students have written theses on the song. Please feel free to leave your feelings on how this is a fruitless, egotistical endeavor below, punctuated by your best Carly Simon jokes.

Bob was a big proponent of Taylor Swift over the years, specifically for her savvyness with social media, and her ability to connect with her fans, and her willingness to give free songs away to entice new fans and created loyalty throughout her fan base. Bob Lefsetz has been around for many years, and is most famous for publishing The Lefsetz Letter, an industry periodical that talks about the music business and trends.

In many ways, Bob Lefsetz took the point for the post Grammy criticism of Taylor. The very distant runner up to Bob Lefsetz in the public consciousness, the sole proprietor of Saving Country Music has challenged Taylor Swift very hard over the years, writing many negative reviews about the up and-coming country star for not being country, and not being able to sing.

We were wrong about Taylor Swift. I was wrong about Taylor Swift. We were blinded by our prejudices. When Taylor Swift first came on to the scene, she sang cheesy teenage pop songs, and we chastised her for it, when in truth, she was doing what all the great songwriters did over the years: write what they knew about, what inspired them.

He continues to assert that Taylor Swift is not country and continues to have pitch issues, but recognizes her impact on music , and her role as a positive role model. At times it seems to be about me, at other times about Bob Lefsetz, but as Bob Lefsetz points out, the lyrics seem to jump all over the place, to possibly talk about high school bullies or love interests.

In all likelihood, though the song may have a singular inspiration, it was written to touch on the bullying and criticism issue in general, and like many songs, may have lyrics written to flow with the pentameter and rhyming of the song instead of to be hints to its target. A lot of people think that I wrote it about being bullied in high school, and when the song went out in the world it kind of became that.

For those that may not know, Google Alerts emails users when a certain list of keywords comes up on the internet. For example, many artists and their publicists will tag their names in Google Alerts to monitor for new reviews and news. Taylor is notorious for being a tech savvy, socially engaged artist. From its inception, Saving Country Music has been dedicated, if not obsessed with optimizing its Google exposure as a way to find new readers.

First, Bob did not criticize Taylor Swift over and over. It is a sick, pathetic, and all too predictable cycle that I will not participate in. Since then Taylor has gone to become one of the biggest things in music in the last decade. That is the only way the conflicting evidence can be resolved. Of course, since Carly Simon once wrote a song about how thinking a song was written about you is being vain, whether doing this is truly vain or not, especially if it is true , it is always a difficult slope to walk when trying to convince yourself or others that a song is or is not about you.

I will admit, there is a little egotistical part of me that is somewhat proud that something I did potentially went to inspire a song that has made a massive cultural impact and won two Grammys. These are things no right-minded person who be proud of or willing to embrace. It is especially unnerving since I feel my take on Taylor Swift was completely mischaracterized.

This all speaks to the greater dialogue in society about bullies. Laws are being passed, schools are being put on lock down, children are killing themselves and each other because of the perceived actions of bullies in modern culture. Criticism and bulling can motivate us, and make us better people. It may not be the bullying that is causing the problems, but how we are willing for that bullying to be perceived. Can anyone truly say a world without bullying would be a better place? If you are being criticized or bullied, take that criticism and learn from it, be inspired from it and make something good out of it.

Jeff May 15, pm. I thought it was cute. Damn dude. You really broke that stuff down. How much time do you have on your hands? Good learning lesson at the end. Hopefully outside readers can take something from that. Brandy May 15, pm. I do appreciate you spelling it out for us.. It was nice to see that you can admit when you are wrong. I was wrong. Just saying. Henry May 15, pm. The Triggerman May 15, pm.

I love how your first time to ever comment on the site is to bitch. Who wants to read this? Everybody does. I work my ass of every day, spending on average hours each on some of the most in-depth album reviews you will find on the web, to post them and have maybe people read them the first day. And then I belch something like this out in a couple of hours and it gets hits in two hours. At all. I thought it was an interesting topic to an important dialogue in our culture at the moment, and since I happen to be accused as an intimate part of it, I felt the need to comment.

I posted a review earlier today I put a lot of heart into about the Turnpike Troubadours new album. Did you feel inclined to comment on that one? What I tried to do here was take drama and draw some substance and learning from it. Hopefully my next article will be something you find more interesting. MG March 29, pm. Of course, this comment is almost 3 years later, and one would hope he has moved on.

Hannah October 14, am. She has a amazing voice. She is the biggest pop star in all of history, shes way bigger than Martina mcbride.

She writes about the greatest feeling in the world. She explains it better than anyone else. There is a difference in constructive criticism and telling someone they are a failure.

Carla May 15, pm. Even though her music will never be …. Her music is played on Top 40 pop stations which none of us listen to anyway but it seems like she is a genuinely nice, wholesome girl and probably a very good role model for her target demo — being young girls. MH May 16, am. You hit the nail on the head. All artists get negative reviews. Most take them in stride and use it a learning experience and move on.

Robberino May 16, am. I love music even a lot of the shit that you hate , but I appreciate opinions of the contrary and have opened my eyes to new bands thanks to you and others.

Keep up the good work, bud. The Triggerman May 16, pm. Joe D. May 16, am. Part of me hates her music, but part of me accepts that she is making something and trying to do something with her life more than most people. Its so easy to criticize somebody else, much harder to make something. But then again, her music does suck, so ….

Skelton May 16, am. John Hauge May 16, am. Nicole May 16, pm. The song is about more than the person who inspired it. I have been in a horrible, horrible streak of typos and missteps in my writing. These things seem to come in waves. I appreciate everyone fighting through it. Ariane September 5, pm. Sinn May 16, pm. Not based on attack of who she is as a person or artist, but an interview trying to understand her as those two important inclusive-yet-separate entities.

Triggerman, you should try to get in touch with her people and get an interview. You never know though. Yoggy May 17, am. Trig, you should try to email her. Would love to hear the interview with her.

Not impossible to be honest, since she answered a blogger out of the blue before she started touring the US last year.


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