What does sweets to the sweet mean

what does sweets to the sweet mean

3 Reasons You Crave Sweet or Salty Foods

Sweet definition is - being, inducing, or marked by the one of the five basic taste sensations that is usually pleasing to the taste and typically induced by sugars (as sucrose or glucose). How to use sweet . a sweet voice; pure; pleasant and not containing any harmful substances. the sweet air of a mountain village; satisfying; making you feel happy and/or satisfied. Goodnight. Sweet dreams. I can't tell you how sweet this victory is. He played a sweet shot onto the final green (= in golf). an act of sweet revenge.

Urinary bleeding can be dramatic and frightening, prompting an appropriate call to your doctor. But sometimes the call travels in the other direction; many people are surprised and alarmed to get a call from their doctors reporting that the urine that looked clear in the specimen jar actually contains red blood cells RBCs. Either way, blood in the urine, known technically as hematuria, requires medical katie melua what a wonderful world. Although the results are often reassuring, hematuria is a warning symptom that you should never ignore.

Blood can enter the urine from any place in the urinary tract. So the first step in understanding hematuria is to understand your anatomy. Your two kidneys are located deep in your back on either side of your spine just below your lowest rib see figure. Each is about 4. And each kidney contains about a million functional units called nephrons. Every nephron consists of a glomerulus and a tubule. Each glomerulus functions as a tiny filter. Blood passes through the glomerulus, which retains blood cells and large molecules such as proteins in the circulation while allowing fluid and small molecules to pass through to the tubule.

As fluid flows through the tubules, much of the liquid is absorbed back into the bloodstream. Depending on the body's needs, the tubules can also absorb small molecules such as sodium and potassium. Finally, the tubules join up to form each kidney's collecting system. By this point, the concentrated fluid has all the characteristics of urine. The urine flows from each collecting system into the ureter, a long muscular tube that carries the urine to the bladder.

The bladder stores the urine until you are ready to void. But in men, there is a final hurdle. The urethra, which carries the urine out through the penis, passes through the prostate, where enlarged tissue can pinch the tube and prevent urine from going with the flow.

If your urine has pink or red coloring from blood in your urine, your doctor will probably call the problem gross hematuria, but visible hematuria is a better term. Pink or red urine is the hallmark of the condition, but discolored urine does not always mean there is blood in the urine.

The chemicals in certain medications nitrofurantoin Furadantinphenazopyridine Pyridiumrifampin Rifadin and some foods and artificial food colorings can mimic blood, and liver disease or muscle damage may do the same. Still, when urine looks bloody, doctors must always assume blood cells are present until laboratory testing proves otherwise. At the other extreme, the urine can look perfectly normal but still contain RBCs.

Invisible, or microscopic, hematuria is usually detected during a routine urine analysis. The first step in the urine analysis is a simple dipstick, which can indicate the possible presence of red blood cells, white blood cells, and protein. What does sweets to the sweet mean since the dipstick will give a positive result what are the requirements to become an lpn the urine contains hemoglobin from blood or myoglobin from damaged muscle cells, a positive dipstick how to remove door panel 1999 tahoe always be confirmed by examining the urine under a microscope.

Although criteria vary, the presence of more than a few RBCs in each microscopic view called a high-power field, or HPF is considered abnormal. If your doctor requests a urine analysis, be sure to submit the specimen properly. After wiping with an antiseptic, collect a midstream specimen by urinating into the toilet first, then what are the four causes of the crusades the next few ounces of urine into the specimen container.

In the bad old days very bad, very olddoctors relied on the color, odor, and it's true taste of urine to "diagnose" disease. Today that's been replaced by a simple dipstick that measures the concentration and acidity of urine and screens for chemical evidence of RBCs, white blood cells which may indicate infection or other problemsprotein, and bile metabolites which may indicate liver disease.

The dipstick also checks for sugar, but urine testing is no longer an acceptable what does sweets to the sweet mean to screen for diabetes blood tests are required.

If the dipstick test is abnormal, further testing should take place. Technicians use a centrifuge to concentrate the specimen before examining it under a microscope to look for red and white blood cells and other abnormalities. Clean-catch specimens can also be cultured to detect bacteria and diagnose urinary tract infection.

In quantitative terms, the difference between invisible and visible hematuria is simply a question of degree. Hematuria can also how to tie a blood loop knot classified as symptomatic, or painless and asymptomatic. If you have hematuria symptoms, your doctor will start the evaluation by focusing on likely causes of those symptoms. For example, urinary burning and frequent urination, with or without fever, suggests an infection in the prostate, bladder, or kidney, and severe crampy pain over the kidney or abdomen suggests a kidney stone.

Even without pain, other parts of your history can help your doctor home in on a diagnosis. For example, recent vigorous exercise may indicate the problem is nothing more serious than "runner's hematuria," see box while weakness, weight loss, joint pain, or fatigue would raise concern about an illness such as vasculitis or infection that involves tissues outside the urinary tract. A recent accident may point to trauma as the cause of hematuria. Although it's important to look for these clues, they are usually absent.

So let's start considering the causes and evaluation of hematuria with the most common variation on the theme, microscopic hematuria without symptoms. Vigorous exercise can cause red blood cells to leak into urine, which can be either visible blood or microscopic hematuria.

Running is the classic example; in fact, the problem is often called "runner's hematuria" or "10,meter hematuria" how to trace mobile number details in india the 6. But other forms of strenuous exercise, ranging from tennis to soccer, can also trigger urinary bleeding.

Patients with exercise-induced hematuria feel well. Bleeding occurs in the first few hours after exercise but it rapidly resolves, leaving the urine normal within 48 to 72 hours.

But since urinary tract malignancies can also bleed intermittently, it may be wise to perform a full set of tests in people with risk factors age above 50, smokers, certain industrial exposures even if the bleeding is triggered by exercise.

Doctors don't know exactly what causes exercise-induced hematuria. Bladder irritation is a leading possibility. The problem is different from bleeding due to blunt trauma, which may what does sweets to the sweet mean in contact sports or accidents.

The scenario goes like this: at the time of a routine check-up, you submit a urine specimen. A medical assistant or technologist tests it with a dipstick; if the test is positive for hemoglobin or myoglobin, what are some of the largest dog breeds specimen goes to the lab, where a technician concentrates the urine by spinning it in a centrifuge, then looks at it through a microscope.

If your urine does have three or more RBCs in each high-power microscope view, you may get that unwelcome phone call asking you to come back for more tests. Don't panic. So the next step is to submit another couple of urine specimens that are properly collected see "The urinalysis".

If two or more specimens have RBCs, further evaluation is in order. That evaluation starts with the urine itself. If the urine contains protein or if the microscopic appearance of cells in the urine suggests they originate from the tiny glomeruli of the kidney, the doctor should focus on the possibility of kidney disease.

That always starts with measuring levels of creatinine in the blood to evaluate kidney function. Further testing for kidney disease what is the best online school include blood tests for inflammation, ultrasound imaging to measure kidney size, and hour urine collections; doctors may also check for various causes of kidney disease that don't cause bleeding, such as diabetes and hypertension.

Depending on the results, the patient may be referred to a kidney specialist and a kidney biopsy may be recommended. You'll probably breathe a sigh of relief if your doctor reports that your kidney function is normal, and there is no evidence you have glomerular disease. But that still leaves you without a diagnosis, and it usually means that you'll need more tests to check for other causes of microscopic or visible hematuria. IIf you see blood in your urine, it won't be hard to convince you to have tests to find out why you are bleeding.

Among other things, you'll want to be sure you don't have a tumor somewhere in your urinary tract. It's a legitimate concern, particularly for smokers and people over age Indeed, a study of patients with visible hematuria found that more than one in five had urinary tract malignancies.

Still, that means all patients with blood in the urine need careful evaluation. If you have hematuria, your doctor will tailor your testing to your personal and family history, your risk factors, and your symptoms.

Here is a menu of tests that may be helpful to diagnose your blood in your urine:. Physical examination. In the course of a general physical, your doctor will feel your abdomen for signs of kidney or bladder enlargement, tap over your kidneys to see if they are tender, and in men check your prostate with a digital rectal exam. Urine tests. In addition to checking for blood, these tests can detect protein; a culture for a urinary tract infection can also be helpful.

Patients with risk factors exposure, travel, HIV may be tested for urinary tract tuberculosis. Blood tests. Common tests include creatinine and blood urea nitrogen to monitor kidney function, measurements of calcium and uric acid to check for stone disease, and a prostate specific antigen PSA test for benign prostatic hyperplasia BPH and prostate cancer in men.

Imaging tests. In most cases, a helical CT scan is the best overall test to check for kidney stones, tumors, cysts, and blockages. Except when stones are highly likely, contrast agents should be administered to enhance the sensitivity of the CT.

Ultrasound is a simple alternative for some patients, and MRIs may also be valuable. If less invasive tests fail to disclose the cause of hematuria, a urologist may check for bladder cancer by inserting a fiber-optic scope through the urethra to inspect the bladder lining.

In most cases, cystoscopy is an office procedure that can be performed with local anesthesia. Blood in the urine always requires a comprehensive medical and urological evaluation.

But often that evaluation fails to pinpoint the cause of hematuria. What then? Most patients with normal results of the tests for microscopic and visible hematuria remain well, but some don't. So while vigilance is in order and a periodic urinalysis may be helpful, it's probably not necessary to repeat the full battery of tests unless bleeding recurs or other problems develop. That's no surprise. Although urinary tract infections can cause hematuria and are more common in women, many of the other leading causes of urinary bleeding, including kidney stones, bladder cancer, and kidney cancer, are more common in men, and prostate disease is obviously confined to men.

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On the plus side there is a good range of sweets, but expensive for what you get. Very happy all my favourite sweets. Images in this review.

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See the photos, I feel people should be aware. Looked good, but very disappointed.


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