What is a m4 barrel extension

what is a m4 barrel extension

Getting the AR Barrel and Receiver Configuration Correct

Nov 07,  · your alternatives are (1) have a 'smith who knows what he is doing grind the M4 feedramps into the current rifle extension, (2) get a different barrel assembly with the desired extension, or (3) stop worrying about needing M4 ramps. ar-jedi. The WOA barrel extension incorporates several changes that help the gunsmith achieve the level of performance that today’s shooters expect. Clocking of the threads to facilitate timing the gas port relative to the rifling, fit of the extension into the upper receiver, and redesign of the barrel tenon threads have all been addressed.

M4 Feed ramps on barrel extensions are a solid example. There are now thousands of upper receivers and ready-to-use barrels that have the cuts of M4 feed ramps. Inadequate knowledge about these feed ramps can lead to lots of problems with barrels because they are essential parts to guide the bullet up and into the chamber. Regular feed ramps are cuts into the barrel extension only, which allows guiding the round into the chamber during loading, making them a fundamental feature of many breech-loading firearm designs.

Backing up a ton: The ramps on regular barrel extension are cut just to the edges, while the M4 feed ramps have deeper cuts in the M4-spec upper receiver. The leading cause that leads to the development of the M4 feed ramp is the gas pressure from the carbine gas system that is increasing along with a high cyclic rate.

M4 feed how to crochet letters in a blanket will extend the barrel extension and the upper receiver. In general, all you need to understand how to get a valid.edu email address that the M4 feed ramps include the barrel extension and upper receiver.

However, an M4 barrel extension is dished more so the feed ramps could extend downward, and then an area within the upper is shaped to match. The good idea is that the round, presented at a lower plane, will contact other lower feed ramps and go right on in.

The first reason is that they are, indeed, better. By using the M4 feed ramps for your firearm, you could pick up an increased percentage of the rounds, and feeding reliability would be improved. Another reason is that any commercial receiver and parts makers want to tool up to make upper receivers and barrel extensions, especially when shorter guns are becoming more popular.

M4 feed ramps are better! Some gun owners believe that the M4 ramps can help for some of the larger-diameter cartridges in use. With the increased use of larger-diameter cased cartridges, the M4 feed ramps what is silverlight self extracting cabinet proving their values when using them in those cartridges. That puts the cartridge in a position where the extended feed ramp improves the breech-loading design.

On the other hand, I wouldn't consider them as a deal breaker, and they how to care for wooden garden furniture not pass up a good deal with an upper only because it did not have them - the M4 feed ramps. To conclude, the M4 feed ramps bring a lot of improvements to the AR-platform firearms. They aid in feeding the round into the chamber from the magazine more easily, which make uppers and barrel extension matched.

If you consider this article useful, share it with anyone what is a m4 barrel extension need! Related: If you are using a Ar rifle, best green laser sight is good choice for hunting.

Don't forget read more information about it here! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission no added cost for you. You know what? In a Nutshell. What are M4 Feed Ramps? So, what is the difference between M4 feed ramps and regular ones? A closer look at uppers and barrel extensions.

An older-version or A2-style feed ramp is cut only on the barrel extension itself top. Why Do Shooters Need Them? Most of barrel assemblies and upper receivers on the market now have a present of M4 feed ramps. As they are becoming more and more a standard, and certainly do not do any harm to us. Related Video:. In a Nutshell To conclude, the M4 feed ramps bring a lot of improvements to the AR-platform firearms. Click Here to Leave a Comment Below 1 comments.

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Aug 29,  · Barrel-Extension-M4. UPC: ?. Description. For your AR15, M16, M4. For use by barrel manufacturers. Use this M4 Barrel extention with M4 feedramps. For new construction barrels only. ***This product contains chemicals/materials known to the State of California to cause cancer and other reproductive harm.5/5(2). Oct 10,  · The extension comes with two kinds of feed Ramos these days M4 and standard rifle. M4 is used on a flat top receiver and the standard rifle is used on the A2 carry handle style upper. I have a pic of allowable combinations, I'd have to look for it in . Aug 02,  · M4/M4 is clearly correct. An AR barrel in a M4 receiver, however, has steeper feed ramps cut into the receiver wall, with less-steep ramps cut into the barrel extension. (We’ll overlook for the moment that the front sight is probably also a problem, but that’s a different chapter.) The result is that the ramps in the M4 receiver have an overhang from the barrel extension of the AR lovealldat.comted Reading Time: 4 mins.

This takes a bit of explanation. The original design of feed ramps were cut in the barrel extension from the magazine to the barrel. The front face of the receiver is simply a flat wall. Each round, as it strips forward out of the magazine, cams up so the tip strikes the feed ramp, and not the receiver wall.

In the semi-auto rifle, and in the early M16A1s, there was no problem. Everything worked as designed. By the late s, however, there was a problem. The government had switched from the M to the M round. Colt was developing the M4. What Colt found was, when using the M round in the M4 on full-auto fire, the feeding became less consistent, and sometimes the tip of a round would strike the receiver wall.

That would bring things to a halt, and also stub the bullet back into its case. So, Colt made the M4 receiver, so marked on the front, above the gas tube hole. The M4 receiver feed ramps are cut at a steeper angle and, as a result, extend down into the receiver wall. The barrels also had to be modified. This can lead to a rare but odd situation; barrel and receiver mismatch.

We have four combinations here:. The only one that is problematic is the last one, AR barrel with a M4 receiver. An AR barrel in a M4 receiver, however, has steeper feed ramps cut into the receiver wall, with less-steep ramps cut into the barrel extension. The result is that the ramps in the M4 receiver have an overhang from the barrel extension of the AR barrel. A bullet can catch in there and stop the cycle. No, this is not theoretical. I saw it in a recent class, and we had to correct it.

Before we proceed, you must be familiar with the front sight height considerations between AR carbine and M4 barrels. If your rifle is correctly zeroed, and the sight is not in the wrong place, then you can correct this problem back at the feed ramps. Or re-cut the ramps and also replace the front sight assembly. The process is, use a Dremel or similar tool with a narrow grinding tip or a carbide cutting tool.

You can set it up in a mill if you are really, positively OCD and just have to. Or, you can do what every other gunsmith and armorer across the country does — hand-hold the Dremel, grinding the barrel extension to match the receiver ramps. You can pull the barrel out of the receiver to do this. But the rest of us simply do the cutting or grinding with the barrel in the receiver.

Once done, thoroughly hose out the grit with an aerosol cleaner, scrub the chamber, punch the bore with a solvent patch and then a dry patch, just to make sure you got all the grit. The problem did happen in semi-auto rifles and carbines, and not just with M I had it happen to one of my Frankenguns, back when Colt was still working on the M4 details. That rifle would occasionally stub in feeding. I had to cut complete ramps of the M4 type, in both the steel and aluminum which is why I used a carbide cutter and it worked just fine.

It still does. But, when you order parts for your rifle to replace, rebuild or build from scratch, you want to pay attention to M4 ramps. Sweeny, I am a big fan of your books and articles along with your writing style and unique no snobbery gunsmith prose.

Channeling George C. Scott as George S. There may be newer versions of this manual but who knows…. This is the 21st Century. Everything is digital including this article. The only people this article will make sense to is those of us who already understand the problems. I know you must have pictures of each combination. Add the pictures to the article and you have a solid foundation of an article. No pictures makes no sense in the 21st Century. Channeling another famous gruff character….

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