What is steve jobs religion

what is steve jobs religion

Steve Jobs Biography: Religious Views Changed Due to Cancer

"I believe life is an intelligent thing, that things aren't random," Jobs said in a interview with Time, providing a glimpse into his complicated belief system that extends well beyond the. Religion. Steve Jobs was religiously complicated. He rejected Christianity outright and has been reported practicing Zen Buddhism. Essentially, though, he was probably an atheist. Political Views. Jobs was a Democrat and supported Barack Obama, even though, as the owner of a multinational corporation, he took many views of business-friendly Republicans.

San Francisco native Steve Jobs was stve technology visionary and a fantastic leader. Jobs had an eeligion life from the beginning, when he was how to pass a hair sample from his birth parents. His career began at Atari, during which he took a trip to India which changed his life dramatically.

He returned with a shaved head and began to practice Buddhism. While he visited the oldest monastery in America, nearly taking up residence, he didn't stay that close to the religion. Still, zen influenced all parts of his life including his design work.

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Jobs' design sense is greatly influenced by Buddhism. San Francisco native Steve Jobs was a technology visionary and a fantastic leader. Jobs had an interesting life from the beginning, when he . He became a Buddhist, that's true. But, the only religion Steve Jobs belonged to and ever believed in was his work and his dedication towards it. For Steve Jobs, the only religion that mattered was staying focused in whatever he did and having fun. For him, landing into Stanford at . Nov 24, аи HIGHLIGHTS. Steve Jobs didn't believe in God. He believed in a higher power which he described as Consciousness. The Silicon Valley has always been somewhat divided when it comes to god and religious beliefs.

Jump to navigation. The Silicon Valley has always been somewhat divided when it comes to god and religious beliefs. While some like Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates have loosely expressed their belief in God, others like Tesla founder Elon Musk have rejected the notion altogether.

Then there are people like the Apple's legendary co-founder Steve Jobs who believed in a higher consciousness but not necessarily god. Lisa Brennan-Jobs, Jobs' daughter from his high-school sweetheart Chrisann Brennan, recently wrote a memoir called Small Fry, describing her life with her famous father.

In her book, which came out earlier this year, Lisa talks about a lot of things related to her father that not only give an insider picture of the kind of person he was but also reveals his beliefs and ideology. At one point in the book, Brennan-Jobs reveals what the co-founder of Apple thought about God and religion. It was shortly after Lisa's fourteenth birthday when Jobs surprised her by visiting her in a small countryside town near Hiroshima during her school trip to Japan.

While rest of her class carried on with the host of activities planned for them, Lisa was excused to spend the day with Jobs. It was during her day with him, she questions Jobs if he believed in God. Jobs replied by revealing he did believe in God but not in the conventional sense. Some presence. It's like a wheel," he said. Jobs, as Lisa explained, then crouched on the ground and drew a circle on tatami.

He then drew another circle within the original circle. From Lisa's description it seems that Jobs believed in the cycle of consciousness. A system with a consciousness where a constant energy is maintained all the time. Interestingly, belief in this supreme power or cosmic energy is somewhat similar to what Gates believe. Did Steve Jobs believe in God? His answer to this question was a little confusing Lisa Brennan-Jobs in her memoir, Small Fry, has given an insider account about Steve Jobs citing incidents that reveal his beliefs and ideology.


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