What is there to do in cartagena spain

what is there to do in cartagena spain

Things to do in Cartagena Spain

Top Attractions in Cartagena 1. Bateria de Castillitos. Take it slow going up that windy, narrow road- when you get to the top the views are 2. Playa de Calblanque. 3. Museo Del Teatro Romano. The Roman Theatre Museum is a beautifully structured museum with an impressive Roman Theatre. 4. Aug 09,  · 15 Best Things to Do in Cartagena (Spain) 1. Roman Theatre Museum. Of all the marvellous Roman landmarks in Cartagena, the 2, year-old theatre should be your 2. ARQUA, Marine Archaeology Museum. It’s fitting that this institution should be .

Categories Murcia. Cartagena is one of the most amazing places to visit on the Mediterranean coastline, especially for those interested in ancient history.

Nowadays the city in Murcia province is one of the most important harbors in Spain for cruise ships, thus the starting to point for many to explore the gems of Southern Spain. I get mine at SafetyWing. It is easy to set up, cheap and reliable. Cartagena is located right by the Mediterranean coast in the Region of Murcia. Bus: Take a direct bus from Murcia Central to Cartagena bus station 45min.

Train: Take a direct train from Murcia del Carmen train station 50min. Get tickets in advance here. Bus: Take a direct bus from Almeria main bus station 4h. Train: There are no train connections between Almeria and Cartagena. Bus: Take a direct bus from Alicante main bus station h. Train: Take a direct train from Alicante-Termino train station h. The old town of Cartagena is one of the richest, and full of character places in the city.

Make sure to stop at Plaza Ayuntamiento with the gorgeous town hall for a photo! The square is absolutely breathtaking! In order to explore all hidden gems, take a guided tour.

Built between the 5th and 1st centuries BC, the theater has been one of the cities main tourist attractions and is a truly magnificent site to explore! A great place for all interested in re-discovering the ancient history of Spain and a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the archeological remains and development of Spanish architecture.

Check rates for guided Roman tours here. Spending at least an hour in the Marine Archaeology Museum is simply a must! Known to be one of the best how to stop eyeliner from smudging to visit in Cartagena, the ARQUA facility is true underwater life and marine history wonderland set in a modern and well-designed building for you to relax and enjoy the tour!

You can enter for free if you decide to visit on a Saturday after 2 pm! The legendary Qart Hadast founded by Hasdrubal in BC and one of the few remaining Carthaginian relics — the wall — is a must-see when visiting Cartagena. Architectural discovery does not only mean visiting museums and ancient ruins of Cartagena. Head down to Calle Mayor to discover the Art Nouveau buildings alongside the best shopping area in Cartagena.

The City Hall is, without doubt, one of the most outstanding buildings in Cartagena. A truly stunning place, not only to enjoy while wandering within its ornamented halls and corridors but also a beauty to marvel at from the outside square, while enjoying a sunny afternoon!

Visiting Casa de la Fortuna will take you back in time to the domestic ways of the Roman Cartagena. A great place to learn and discover the traditional household settings from the 1st century, and a very interesting way of presenting a museum within Roman remains. The main shopping street, Calle Mayorruns from the Cartagena how to email pictures to a verizon cell phone area into the center. A great place to enjoy the Carthaginian lifestyle and get to know the ways of the locals.

The best way of ending your first day in Cartagena is definitely going out for tapas! In order to find the best tapas in Cartagena, have a look at the guided tapas tours.

Visiting this museum is surely one of the most interesting things to do in Cartagena. The museum is extremely well organized, and will definitely make an impact on your perception of the Civil War while showing the harshness and difficulties of life during the bombardings. The museum is excellently prepared for visitors and holds plenty of large scale models of warships, showing their evolution through the ages.

The general entry is free of charge, but you will be able to leave a donation and support the local museum! For a breathtaking view of the city, make your way up the castle of Cartagena! Feel free to climb the lengthy staircase, or take the comfortable lift up to the top, and enjoy the incredible panorama of Cartagena and the port. When visiting the Andalusian coastline you must try the delicious and fresh seafood dishes this region has to offer.

La Alacena de Maria Calle Real 24 is known to be one of the best restaurants in Cartagena for lunch, and will take you on a delicious exploration of fresh and tasty seafood, prepared in the most traditional way! A lovely sandy beach with clear water is a perfect spot to rest from the city hustle and bustle, and enjoy some sunbathing or snorkeling. Seeing the Roman city from a distance will definitely become a strong and beautiful memory of your trip to Spain.

Taking part in a food tour is one of the best plans for the evening! To learn more, please visit our ultimate guide about the best Andalusian food. Check food tours in Cartagen, Spain here. A lovely interior, together with the very helpful staff and talented chefs will make your evening a memorable and delicious experience. For more information on Murcia, please visit the following guide with the perfect 3-day itinerary for Murcia. Another great idea for a day trip would be visiting the extraordinary areas of Mar Menor — a beautiful saltwater lagoon surrounded by Spanish port towns.

Best places to see around Mar Menor:. Thanks to the incredible beaches and natural resorts all around Cartagena, you can also decide on going on a Horseback riding trip! Be sure to check it out since it is only a short trip from Cartagena.

One of the best hotels in Cartagena Spain, located close to the Punic Wall, is a great choice for butternut squash how to grow most demanding travelers.

The rooms are very spacious and well designed, allowing you to really make yourself comfortable and feel at home! The Sercotel Alfonso XIII offers additional services such as free wifi, restaurant, bicycle, and how to make a tutu youtube rental, free parking and conference rooms — all to make your stay a pleasant experience!

Located just m from the how long do i have to sue a doctor bus station, and very close to the marina, Sercotel Carlos III is a great place to enjoy your stay! A very friendly, colorful decor and tidy rooms are all that you need to feel good and rested.

The hotel offers additional services such as free wifi, restaurant, how to refine silver plate breakfast buffet, bicycle rental, indoor workout room, and parking.

Hotel Los Habaneros is located near the Roman Theater and the What is there to do in cartagena spain of Cartagena, and is known to be a great choice for budget travelers! The hotel offers additional services such as: free wifi, bar, bicycle rental, paid parking and meeting room. Biking and walking are definitely the best ways to discover Cartagena! Discover the Roman theatre and Roman heritage of Cartagena are great things to do in Cartagena with a family.

Together with my team, we are passionate about Southern Spain. Here we share all you need to know for unforgettable trips to Southern Spain with the best places to visit, accommodation in Spainand, of course, the best food to eat. Table of Contents show. A travel guide to the best attractions in Cartagena, Southern Spain: the perfect Cartagena Itinerary.

This post contains affiliate links. I received services for free for an honest review. All opinions are my own. Where is Cartagena? How to get to Cartagena. Visit Cartagena Old Town. Discover the Roman theatre and Roman heritage of Cartagena. Learn about history at the Punic Wall. Lunch in La Catedral. Explore the Modernist architecture of Cartagena.

Visit the military museum of Cartagena. Take a picture at Palacio Consistorial. Marvel at Casa de la Fortuna. Go shopping in Calle Mayor, Cartagena. Enjoy tapas in Cartagena. Visit Spanish Civil War Museum. Visit Naval Museum. Lunch in La Alacena de Maria.

Do a sailing cruise in Cartagena. Finish the day with a food tour in Cartagena. Enjoy dinner in the best restaurant in Cartagena. Day trip from Cartagena to Murcia. Day Trip to Mar Menor from Cartagena. Go Horseback riding near from Cartagena. What are things to do in Cartagena, Spain with family? What are free things to do in Cartagena, Spain? What are unusual things to do in Cartagena, Spain? Do a sailing cruise in Cartagena is quite an unusual thing to do in Cartagena, Spain.

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Top Things To Do In Cartagena, Andalucia – Our Cartagena Itinerary For 3 days

Jun 03,  · Visit Spanish Civil War Museum. Visiting this museum is surely one of the most interesting things to do in Cartagena. The museum is extremely well organized, and will definitely make an impact on your perception of the Civil War while showing the harshness and difficulties of life during the bombardings.

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Ports of Call Tours. Walking Tours. Cultural Tours. Historical Tours. Archaeology Tours. Nature and Wildlife. Ways to tour Cartagena. See all. Roman exploration in Cartagena Spain. Cartagena Military and Civil War bike tour. Top Attractions in Cartagena. Bateria de Castillitos.

Take it slow going up that windy, narrow road - when you get to the top the views are wonderful! Playa de Calblanque. Calblanque nature reserve. Museo Del Teatro Romano. Speciality Museums. Experiencia Raquel V spoke really good English and gave the 4 of us a very detailed and interesting tour of the museum and the fa Calle Mayor. A really nice main street effectively coming in from the promenade through an architecturally impressive area - thoug Barrio del Foro Romano.

Well presented exhibition of Roman ruins. Bateria de las Cenizas. Once up you can enjoy the great view over La Manga strip and the Mediterranean. Museo Naval. Military Museums. Free entry , with donations encouraged. Museo Nacional de Arqueologia Subacuatica. There are lots of interactive displays , all in Spanish and English not American despite the cruise ship!

El Zulo. Beautiful statue in memory of all victims of terrorism. Punic Wall. Like that you could get close up and personal inside the crypt. Museo Historico Militar de Cartagena. Palacio Consistorial. Beautiful building. Casa de la Fortuna. Well worth a visit. Cala Cortina. Beach restaurant closed end of September so bring water and food if staying the day.

Yacht Port Cartagena. Lots of history from the Roman invasion to the Spanish civil war. History Museums. We had bought a multi ticket the previous day at the Roman theatre. La Manga Club. The facilities at the resort are outstanding, boasting top class tennis courts , golf courses, a swimming pool and spa. Playas de La Azohia. Cristo de los Buzos. Faro de Navidad. Playa El Portus. Espacio Mediterraneo Centro Comercial y de Ocio. Shopping Malls. Get into the Carrefour Cafe, food is so fresh and tasty not to mention inexpensive.

El Parque Torres. Park nice for a wander.. Plaza del Ayuntamiento. Scenic Walking Areas. Mirador del Roldan. Museo Arqueologico Municipal. However, it's definitely worth the walk!! Plaza de San Francisco.

Well worth a visit if you are in the vicinity, only 30 mins drive from where we were staying. Virtual guided tour Cartagena. Calblanque natural park by bike. Paleontological tour in Cartagena Spain.

Cartagena Modernista bike tour. Shore Excursions. Learn more about this content Places are displayed based on recommendations by Tripadvisor's editors where available and Tripadvisor user reviews. Frequently Asked Questions about Cartagena. What are the most popular things to do in Cartagena with kids?


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